Apr 28, 2016

Extension Homeschool class (high school)

My seventeen year old daughter decided to tag along with her eldest sister to a cake decorating class.  She has been practicing with frosting, fondant and gum paste in these two 4 week sessions. They found the classes at our local fabric craft center. I think this one was her first with just frosting, she has made several over these past few weeks. 
They both enjoyed trying new things in the decorating cakes world.  And it was super nice to have my married daughter make an effort to spend time with her younger sister.  Mentoring is huge, never mind friendship between sisters!

We are proud of her and happy to help her make way for another frosting design session.

Hard work, but somebody has to eat the cake.


Lisa said...

Wow - nice job.

Anonymous said...

Such a horrible "job"...eating that beautiful cake 😁

Kathy Cassel said...

Love that your older one wants to spend time with a younger sister.

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