Oct 26, 2016

A Word on Love:

I was sitting listening to my Father's heart when these words came into my spirit~

For Love to flourish
 we need to allow God
 not only to fill us,
 but also to empty us.

It can be so easy for us to pray for God to show us a revelation of His love for us. It is often harder to take what is revealed to us and apply it to where we currently stand. 

 I do want to flourish in His Love.   I think there is wisdom in asking God what that looks like, it avoids us walking out in our strength or wisdom into areas He never really asked us to 'put our hand to.' It is in our willingness to be poured out that we are filled with the Love of God.

 It means the Love is not containable, but seeps out into who He brings us to brush up against.  Today will look different than yesterday's "empty", a constant flow of Love being poured in, so it can be lavishly given out. Love is not just meant to be known or received, but to be displayed for all to see.  I just thought about that saying, "Seeing is believing."  Well, if plugged into this concept of Love, it becomes a billboard for His Glory.

Thanking God for time with Him and for hearing His heart for me today. 

 Hope it speaks to your heart too!

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