Mar 14, 2017

Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven

Hi friends, miss you all! 

 I came across this as I was doing my devotion on
 YouVersion Bible app  

(Life Church for those of you looking for a great Bible app.)  Email me if you need help finding it, or if you want to be friends on it.  I feel like it is a better way to sharpen each other than some other things that are offered out in the great big world today.  I love it and digging in the Word is so good for us!
*my email is on the sidebar.

Need a lift to your sagging spirit? 

 Do you need God to help you move out of stuck and into a new realm of Kingdom business? 

 Well, I might have just the opportunity for you. Click and watch and then bow your head and see what our Father will do!  I was humbled as I watched, but also inspired to ask God to use my life in such a way.

A piece of what God is putting on my heart... Asking Him how we can accomplish this vision He has given me through this

beautiful 82 year old inspiration

 to my soul.

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