Mar 26, 2007

1 Day until Adoption!


1 day to adoption!

'King Meemer' -4 'Princess Marna'-5 'King Bonkey'-3


Cindy said...

Posted by StillHisGirl (IP Not Logged)
Hi! Found you from a comment you left on my friend Joni's page. I read through quite a bit of your blog today. What an amazing story you have.

Congratulations on your very special day! Tell us how you celebrate! Some of my dear friends had one biological child, began fostering, and a sibling group of 4 eventually became theirs; the kids were 4,3,2,and a baby. Those children were rescued and brought into such a loving home, I could cry each time I think about it!

I long to foster and/or adopt. My husband isn't quite ready, and of course our laws here for fostering wouldn't allow us to have anymore in our current bedrooms. Your heart for adopting more children really touched me. Praying God's blessings on you!

Joni said...

Hi Kimmie,

What great news for your family! Isn't it awesome how God places the lonely in families just like He promises in scripture?

Thanks for your recent email and comment on my blog. I'll put you on my friends list as well. You mentioned emailing one another. I'd enjoy that, I'm sure. I'll email you my private address, okay? II'll appreciate hearing from someone who appreciates and has been to London! =)

Oh, and we are sure enjoying HTB, but aren't sure that we can make the trek after we move next Monday, which makes me so, so sad. We'll see.

Talk soon!

Jenny said...

Posted by HandsRaisedToHeaven (IP Not Logged)
What great news! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your "new" family members.


Thanks for all your encouraging comments and prayers on my blog. I know God will see us through this tough time.

Blessings, Jenny

Annie said...

My gosh. You are so fortunate. What a lovely family!!! Sorry for this response so WAY after the post, but just had to!

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