Mar 27, 2007

Adoption day! Praise God!

Psalm 32:11

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous;

sing, all you who are upright in heart!

This is the 'countdown calendar' we used to help the kids anticipate our big day! They really got into it, Princess Sunshine (8 year old daughter) donated all her stickers for each days count off. My oldest Pirate Jacky (16dd) made the calendar- the magnets are a cheesy craft we made, though King Meemer is very proud of his green bear (he is 4 and even I am impressed by his patterning skills!)

Celebration and testimony for our cul-de-sac neighborhood!

The gorgeous adoptee-s! Very Happy- and all spiffed up. King Meemer wanted to be 'shiny' for adoption day.
Papa is taking the pre-adoption ceremony pictures, so alas he is missing from this new family photo

Blessings from our friends Doug and Michelle and also from the kids social worker Kerri

Princess Sunshine (8) made a cake for her 3 new siblings-she did a wonderful job and was so delighted to have a part in the celebration! She generously gave her "sprinkles" to make the cake extra special for them

The official adoption-woman on the right is the kid's social worker Kerri-truly a gem among workers!

The day ended rather late -my Knight had an indoor soccer game with our church youth group at 10:30 pm -I tagged along, as I missed all the other games. As we were chatting on the way to the facility about how amazing it was that we REALLY had 6 children, and two sons!

I am amazed-one homemade daughter, 3 adopted daughters, along with 2 adopted sons-God is so good to me!

My final comment to the day- " Honey, we should do this (adoption) more often!"

Celebrating on a field trip (post adoption) to the aquarium-are they cute or what!


Sarah said...

Posted by Sarah (IP Not Logged)
Oh what a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!! I’m so thankful that God has given you these precious children!! Oh and tell King Meemer that he looked very 'shiny' indeed!!

Cindy said...

Posted by StillHisGirl (IP Not Logged)
Congratulations!!! I am so thrilled for your family! I really am, and we've never even met! :) Praying that the kids go to bed tonight with an extra special joy in their hearts, really knowing they are home forever, and excited about all the days ahead. So, so happy for you all!

Rae Rae~ said...

Posted by Rae Rae (IP Not Logged)
HORRAY! Now I have more nieces and nephews!

~Rae Rae
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Stacy said...

Posted by Rae Rae (IP Not Logged)
HORRAY! Now I have more nieces and nephews!

~Rae Rae
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