May 11, 2007

Joy in my heart

Sometimes you feel under the weather, well last night, after a long day, which was very full, I got the last little one to bed and headed to crash on the couch. I rounded the corner of the kitchen to see my middle girls had set up a bed on the couch for me, with my favorite fur blanket (fake, though I am not opposed to real) ~waiting lovingly for my arrival.

Now this would make my heart leap normally, to be treated to the luxury of a cozy bed of fur (which we got in the cutest shop in California called, "A Taste of Denmark"), but to see my 12 year old Hungarian Princess holding our newly purchased, vintage hard-cover copy of Little Women made my heart flip. My dear daughter thought it best that she read it aloud, as our day was so full we missed the opportunity to hunker down with our new favorite. It was delightful to hear the story coming through her sweet little voice.

My middle, middle daughter, Princess Sunshine (8) cuddled up, all ears, ready to soak in the nearing drama of the March family. She sat on her chosen spot, hanging on every word her sister spoke. (wish I had the energy to capture the moment with a picture)

This morning it was rainy and the perfect time to once again get in a chapter or two ...this time my 4 year old son joined the crew of listeners. Our way, is to have an illustration notebook ready and waiting, in case the listener feels moved to capture the story as it is being read aloud, Charlotte Mason style.

Dear King Meemer was given his first notebook by his oldest sister this very day and he thumped down eager to borrow his blonde sisters colored pencils and committed to capturing the flavour and mood of the story on his wee little page. (which by the way came by his grandfather...Grampie C)

King Meemer captures old Mr. Laurence who has recently befriended the March family.

As you can see, Mr. Laurence is on the left and dear, gentle ,artistic Beth March is to the right with the long flying hair.

Nice job son, welcome to the family!


Sarah said...

What a great illustration by your little one! Little Women is one of my favorites!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you asked about DC. I'd love to help. send me your email address thru my blog.

Islandsparrow said...

What a nice idea - makes me wish I had read Charlotte Mason when my children were small. Sweet pictures!

Stacy said...

Oh, I love it!!! I want to come and join you! And a *wonderful* choice for a read-aloud! :)

Cindy said...

So adorable! What a great memory you'll have!

Let me know if you need any great ideas or advice on DC. We had such a great time and if you want, I can tell you the high points and the best decisions we made. Renae (keeperathome44) was a HUGE help to me!

I'm so excited for you! We can't wait to go back again. There is SO much more I want to do!


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