Jun 22, 2007

Join us please

Okay, God has wrecked me.

Prior to me watching that video on Haiti (see 2 posts below) I had a very moving dream, actually it wasn't a dream, it was a very clear strong voice that I heard while I was sleeping. The voice said, "I am the Lord, I am a consuming fire." That was it, but it woke me up at 4 o'clock in the morning and I was unable to go back to sleep.

I spent time in scripture, in prayer and in study on those words that were written on my mind and heart that night, but still I am not so sure I understand. What I do know is that something since then changed in me, I have a strong desire to hear from the Lord in regards to what he would have us to do with the situation of the children (and people) of the world. The people who are suffering, the children who are without. All day I think about it and pray about it, each day God has shown me something new. I am excited to see where God is taking me (and you if you chose to commit with us). I think I will journal the journey.

On Tuesday I had a Dr. appointment that was needed for our homestudy/dossier, at the appointment I spoke to my dear Doctor. about Haiti. I knew she had been with other Dr.'s to 3rd world countries, I asked her about Haiti and told her about the Youtube video I had watched. She shared her experience in Haiti, we stood eye to eye sharing our hearts desire to serve God in bringing comfort to those who suffer, we both were crying. It was an intense God moment, one I will not soon forget. Angelee (my Dr.) gave me the name of a local ministry that packs crates to send to Haiti-God is showing me that he has "others" who also have heard him and are "doing" his work here on earth.

My family and I have commited the next 30 days to praying together about what God would have us do, not the general, but the specific. There are many opportunities to "do something" but my desire is not just to "do something," it is to do exactly what God is calling me to do. Just as he would call you to marry the right man, or for a Pastor to serve in 'a' church, he is a God of specific, a God of order-I want his will, his perfect pleasing will. I want my children to learn to hear his voice and to serve him with all of their hearts.

I thank God for this new opportunity, after all that is what life is all about- Him and doing as he says. Jump into the river of God with me and lets see what he would have-I think we will never be the same again-and that is just what I desire- being consumed by God's spirit-being wrecked for Him.


Rabbit said...

I love your last paragraph, Kimmie. Leap in with utter abandon!

javamamma said...

What a fabulous idea - praying, as a family, to hear God's voice! In our ministry, we're in a season that we're thinking we've heard God's voice on a very specific thing and now we're watching how it plays out. I love including the kids in the process. I'm excited to read in the next weeks how God speaks to your family- when we call, He answers!

nsremom said...

cool stuff. As a teenager my all time favorite song to sing in church was called 'All consuming Fire'. It never failed to move my spirit. I think it's just a powerful reminder of his Glory. Ya know? Thinking of Him as a consuming fire. I sometimes couldn't sing the words they were so simple, yet powerful.

Laura said...

Amen! Kimmie, I can not tell you how much I am moved by your passion to obey Christ. I totally relate to obeying Him completely and not really knowing what that is going to look like, but just knowing that obeying Him is what we have to do!

I will be praying for you, and with you for the Lord to reveal His will to you in an overwhelming way. I am so excited to see what God is going to do with your family and your willingness to be completely and passionately obedient to Him.

I am also so touched that He is moving in your heart for the children/people of Haiti...this country needs the Lord. They need the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. A huge chunk of my heart is in their country, even after we get our boys home...Haiti will still be dear to our hearts.

Thank you for your obedience...Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey! May the Lord give you the desires of His heart.

Stacy said...

Yay. I love how you said it is your heart not just to do something, but to do that something that God is calling YOU to do. can't wait to hear the rest of this journey!

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