Jun 11, 2007

a peek at the critters

Hunter is now about 110 pounds before breakfast, he is just over a year old now and came to us through the humane society. He is a full bred Golden Retriever- super sized I think. Seems our Silly Bunter was not a good boy in his first home, they went to work and he ate the house up. We are happy that we have this gi-normous doggy, he is very silly and keeps us picking up our flip-flops. (his coat is short for the summer, this way we get two dogs for the price of one...summer time he is our Lab!)

This is Kisbaba (Kish-bah-bah)...her name is Hungarian and means...little baby. She is a wee girl and weighs all of 4 pounds, she loves to sleep on you-and swat you when your awake.

Looks can be deceiving!

Our beloved Hope...I prayed for a cat and God sent us Hope.
She was near death when we found her, the vet said she wasn't sure she would make it, I named her Hope, because I Hoped (and prayed) she would live.
Something about a ball of fur, whether dog or cat I don't care, that makes a house a home. Of course we had to put in central vac in order to suck up all the hair, but hair or not, I am happy God sent them here. They make life joy filled and bring us laughter!


Diane said...

Hi there! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I most definitely appreciate your prayers for our little foster baby. How exciting that you'll soon be welcoming a new blessing from Guatamala into your home. Oh my, I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog! Blessings!


Lovella said...

I understand the love an animal gives. We're in the puppy stage right now. Sometimes I look out the window and shake my head as I see her running off with yet another geranium or peony.
What do you do? Just gotta love them.

Daisy said...

Kisbaba reminds me of a cat we got in our first year of marriage. Green eyes and all, she looks like ours. I developed cat allergies, our little tiger moved in with my brother, and now we have rabbits. :)

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