Jun 7, 2007

rest stop

As I was driving down the highway yesterday, I saw a bright blue sign that said,

'rest stop- 8 miles.'
It was one exit past my route home, but I seriously for a second, thought about driving to that promised piece of rest, in order to take a breather from the to and fro and demands of life that seem to be pulling at me from all sides these days.

I got 2 phone calls over the past 3 weeks, from my Dr. She called to tell me first that my thyroid medication was not sufficiently handling my need...needed to be increased, then she called me to tell me that I am really anemic.

Now I understand why that pretty blue road sign seemed so inviting to me, where ordinarily I wouldn't have even noticed. Funny, I was feeling pretty good-I thought.

I am thankful for my dear Dr., she has blessed me so many times over her years of care for me.

Back in my early 20's she caught an issue with my heart-I wrestled with that heart condition up until our last adoption- when I went in for my "paperwork" check up, she marked that it was in remission. Praise God, I was told by other experts (various doctors) that it would be lifelong and that it would certainly shorten my life. It robbed me of many years; worry, medications that made me feel yucky, lots of time with specialists... Well, our God is a healing God and he has blessed me with his healing touch, to which I am so very thankful. Once I am back up to full swing here- I think I will have a little party to celebrate (probably just me and God, but hey thats me and my 3 closest friends!)
I wanted to share this, because I have several friends with skin on that are currently struggling with health issues. I encourage you to give it to God, to trust him, to not NOT fix your heart, mind, body, soul or spirit on anything a Dr. would tell you, but to leave it in God's hands to write the prescription or healing for your future.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understandings, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.

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Randi said...

God will give you the stregnth and the answers that you need--also the rest that you need!

A couple more iron supplement ideas:

--Iron from veggies is easier to absorb when you take it with vitamin c--preferably a fresh food source or a good vitamin from the health food store.

--Blackstrap molasses 1 TB per day or at every meal. Kind of yucky, but it is good for you. You need to make sure that it is blackstrap and not the regular grocery store kind.

--Cooked beans (try dark red kidney beans), dried apricots, raisins, fortified cereals, beets, wheat germ, dark green leafy vegetables.

My daughter remembered the last two ideas from the time when she had some blood problems as well. Borderline anemia--never fully diagnosed, but she is doing much better with the vegan diet.

Prayers for you, Kimmie...

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