Jun 12, 2007

Tuesdays revelation

Well here are a few things that popped in my head as I walked into today:

1. My middle name should be "seamrips"

2. Though I want to sew, when I begin I question why
3. I obviously don't sew enough, because my dog went crazy when I started sewing this morning
4. Cutting fabric without a pattern isn't for the weak at heart

5. Prayer is a vital part of sewing

6. Did I mention that I need to buy more seam rippers (should that be one word?)

7. Perhaps I should seek a new hobby

8. My children are very kind and stayed very quiet while I embarked on day 2 of the twirly skirt (which after cutting should only take 45 minutes...Erin doesn't know me!)

9. My oldest (Pirate Jacky-16) obviously is very "like me", for as I am doing the play by play with the tutorial, she says, "Mom, just sew the thing and stop checking on how to."

10. My kids have too many clothes ;-)


ConservaChick said...

I WISH I could call sewing my hobby. I have a machine, some pretty fabric, a well used seam ripper, and several unfinished projects (they have been messed up beyond repair). I so badly want to make a quilt....
I'd love to see your finished project... seams ripped and all! Maybe it will inspire me to give sewing another try!

Jenni said...

OH! I totally agree with #5! If I would remember that more often when sewing, there would probably be fewer casualties.

Lovella said...

Oh I love it. I've sewed quite a bit in my years and yet even now I still occasionally toss something that just didn't work out. I always feel tremendous guilt when i do this but somehow I forget and try again.

Mary said...

Thank you for coming to visit and welcome me. You have a Beautiful Family and sweet four legged ones also:)Have a great day ...
Mary :)Crash-n-Smash

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