Jul 10, 2007

Makes you think

picture courtesy of skydivenewengland

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you!

I have been pondering my thoughts of failing lately, thinking about the children God has sent me with their diverse needs and how I just am struggling with how to help them. I sat down last night and came across a publication from Key Life Ministries from Steve Brown. His article was titled, "I Give You Permission," it entailed a list of our rights as Christians. (here are a few: The right to be human, the right to be right, the right to be wrong, the right to fail...)

This paragraph really spoke to me...long before the silly 'skydiving road' sign I saw on the day of my "triplets" adoption. It has been sitting on my heart since March 27th and I kept wondering what God wanted me to do with it. Well, Steve summed it up like this~Let me tell you something: A successful person is not a person who doesn't fail. A successful person is someone who got up the last time he or she did fail.

Time to get up, tomorrow morning we begin a new day, a new friend of mine named Katherine commented a few posts back, offering help with Princess Giggles (6) speech problem. Tomorrow we begin with a 10 minute timer, some silly sentences to clap out syllabically and a dum-dum lollipop taped to a plastic cup. Katherine may be an angel-or she may be my sister in the Lord, which ever, I give thanks for her.

Mr. King Meemer (5) will make his crown tomorrow, I have already shared with him about how God told me to make him a crown as a reminder of his need to trust God and not to be controlled by food-Jesus is King and will care for him always. I prayed with him last night and asked God to help him understand how much He loves my little man and that we are thankful for the crown idea. Little King Meemer began clapping and laughing, almost uncontrolably-I do believe God is working in his heart, as I have never seen him so excited or joy filled. God is good.


javamamma said...

I am re-reading Grace Based Parenting right now because of some real feelings of inadequacy with parenting. You have some great ideas to put into action with your kids. I love God's amazing, faithful GRACE that is truly the strength I need to do what I cannot do on my own.

nsremom said...

Very good points. thank you for the refreshment today.

julie said...

You are trying so hard and being such a wonderful mother to these young ones. Don't be to hard on yourself.

You have a great attitude. Be proud of the job you are doing.

Joni said...


I can relate so much to your feelings of mommy-inadequacy. I know that God is teaching me so much as I mother these little ones. Yes, I am reminded everyday of my sinfulness, but also, He is teaching me so much about His grace in the process. And the true gift of the gospel --I certainly can't earn it and motherhood makes that crystal clear for me. Keep pressing on sweet sister! You're doing great. Thanks for your transparency!

Randi said...

I LOVE the skydiving quote! If I found it on a t-shirt, I would snatch it up for my hubby!

You are so right about success being about getting up after we fall, rather than not ever failing. Sometimes I think that I am walking through this life kind of bruised from all of the tumbles I have taken, but I also know that God has taught me so much through all of the struggles.

His mercies are new every morning!

Angela said...

I love both the definitions of success. Your skydiving example made me laugh. I am so very thankful for the right to fail and be forgiven.

The Lord will continue to show Himself incredibly faithful as you mommy the blessings He's given you. He knew you would be the PERFECT mom to these precious little one. Those He calls, He also equips.

Michelle said...

what a wonderful post to read!

Thanks so much for your comment and congrats!

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