Sep 18, 2007

a bit on hypoglycemia (and me)

As requested by my friend is some info related to hypoglycemia~

In my early twenties and as a newlywed, I started to have considerable problems with exhaustion, fainting/black outs, shaky/nervousness and problems concentrating or coming up with the "right words." What made me seek professional help was one day I drove home and seriously couldn't remember how I got home (traffic lights and such from point A to point B). I was scared, as that is pretty serious. I spoke to my Dr. and she sent me to the hospital for a fasting 6 hour glucose test *glucose being the name for sugar.

I didn't make the full 6 hours, I nearly blacked out 4 hours in- they had given me a large glass of glucose and tested my blood sugar every 30 minutes. At 4 hours they made me lay down and began refueling me with orange juice. I have what they call reactive hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can also be related to diabetes...they tend to run together. My father was borderline diabetic (so they check me, though I am not overweight like my dad was) and my grandfather was diabetic as well.

Since I was younger I always noticed the effect of sugar on my body. If I had eaten the effects were lessened, but on an empty stomach it was extreme symptoms (see above). My mother had a sensitivity to sugar and caffeine, so I guess it is something you can inherit. When I eat sugar I am fine for a while and then my blood sugar plummets (crashes in a BIG way) leaving me with the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia. Guess my body can't convert it as it is supposed to be able. (Seems like my body isn't quite up to par, as it can't get pregnant either and I also have hypothyroidism and take daily meds. for that-though no relation to the hypoglycemia.)

After leaving the hospital, I met with a nutritionalist at the same hospital and was told I needed to change my eating habits. I have had a bad habit of forgetting to eat (I get busy) and missing meals...she told me I needed to avoid sugar (and things with sugar in the ingredient list) and eat 6 small meals a day. Grazing, really. Still this is a struggle for me, I still tend to get busy and realize that it is dinner time and I haven't eaten anything.

I think now they can do an accurate blood test to determine blood sugar levels. As the glucose could easily invoke hypoglycemia in patients. You'll have to talk to your doctor.

here is a list I found of some symptoms-Signs and Symptoms: You may have one or more of the following symptoms of hypoglycemia.
Blurred vision.
Convulsion (seizure) if blood sugar is very low.
Dizziness or light-headedness.
Fast or pounding heartbeat.
Nausea (upset stomach).
Numbness or tingling in mouth and lips.
Pale and clammy skin.
Pass out (if blood sugar is very low).

Hope this is helpful to you Karlie and anyone else who may be able to utilize this info.



Trina said...

My sister has battled this too. That is all very good info, because I think there are those who are unaware of what they can do about it.

ConservaChick said...

I just HAD to come over and read your post (see how easliy I can get sucked back into blog world ( ; )
This was VERY helpful. I had wondered if my daughter might have this because she gets so moody if she's late for a meal. She also gets headaches and dizziness. We have diabetes on both mine and my hubby's side (my mother and his father have been diagnosed in the last few years). I personally get sick when I eat too much sugar (it brings me great sadness because I really LOVE sugar). Anyway, I see a strong genetic link that would suggest hypoglycemia as a strong possibility. Thanks for the post! I'll check back every so often to "visit"... and maybe in the future, God will open up a time for me to blog again (I sure hope so!). ~Karlie

Nunnie's Attic said...

I too suffer from this disorder although I have always been classified as border-line. When I passed out a work one time my blood sugar had plummeted to 29. Hope that you are feeling better on a regular basis and please eat honey. Too many people are relying on you to be healthy.


Kimmie said...

Oh, believe me Julie, I wait till night, when the refridge is MINE and then the salsa and I rejoice! ;-) No vegetable gets away from my grasp either !

Yes, I am feeling much better than way back then, but really I do need to become more of a daytime eater ;-)

Don't worry about me...things are good!


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