Sep 15, 2007

Friendship beyond measure

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kimmie. God blessed her beyond measure with two special friends, they have been friends since they all got jobs waitressing in the same ice-cream shop, as teenagers. They have shared many joys and sorrows over the course of life together, as all best friends do. My two dear priceless friends, also happen to be sisters.

This year they decided to throw a birthday party for my 3 wee ones, who we fondly refer to as the triplets. As my knight and I decided that with all that had gone on, that we were going to keep their birthday celebration personal and just us. Rae and Beth felt that they had something to say about that, so they waited a bit and then insisted on having us all over.

We gathered at Beth's house and celebrated and feasted together, (Beth is the one in turquoise and she loves to FEED people). Her sister (Rachael in pink) not only became my best friend when she joined on several years later, to our friendship and same work atmosphere, but she married my younger brother (yes, I did become a matchmaker, and I got a best friend/sister in law out of the deal!)

They are both Aunt Beth and Aunt Rachael-and they are the best friends a girl could have.

Princess Giggles, King Meemer and King Bonkie (6,5,4-yes, we do use those names affectionately) were so blessed, their eyes were huge and there hearts were bursting with joy. They were showered with love, and 'my girls' went as far to be sure that even Princess Sunshine (8) got a little gift, as they thought she might feel left out, being the other "youngest and adopted" in our family.

I am thankful for Beth and Rachael, they are such a support to me and my family. They are always there with a kind word and deed, always offer a listening ear and wrap their arms around you when need it most. I have to say that their whole family has adopted us, as one of their own and we are blessed!


javamamma said...

You are blessed to have such amazing friends! Love all the pictures.

Nunnie's Attic said...

God's blessings are all around. And you, dear heart, are smart enough to know that. Good for you!


Angela said...

What an incredible blessing of friendship. Your "triplets" are precious! Happy birthday to all!

Lovella said...

Ah, blessings on the triplets and you and your friends.
I love celebrations.

Stacy said...

Why, it is just *so* much fun to see a picture of my friend (too!), Rachael on your blog! Isn't she so cute?! And Kimmie, thank you for introducing us! :)
Nice to see Beth "in person", too! I've heard such wonderful things about her!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Amrita said...

lovely occasion, story and pictures. BTW I like the fancy table too.

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