Nov 12, 2007

Prayer needed

I am posting a letter sent to me by a dear friend...also the mother of adopted children.


I am asking you to pray for a lady who is in China right now. Sandi and Dennis were in China adopting their little girl Hannah, about 1-1/2 years old.

The husband Dennis died today of a diabetic coma. Sandi is now alone in China with a new baby, and dealing with the loss of her husband.

There is some question as to whether she will be allowed to keep the baby and bring her home. Her family here in the US is trying to get emergency VISAS to get to China to be with her. Nevertheless, it will be at least a couple of days before someone can get there to her.

Please pray for Sandi!! And for little Hannah. PRAY that she will be able to keep Hannah and bring her home. I can't even imagine what Sandi is going through.

God Bless, Barbara
*Sandi is using Bethany Chrisitan Services, they are trying now to help her bring Hannah home. Please join us in praying for Sandi- her life is in God's hands. May she know his Presence, His comfort, His peace, His strength and the working of His mighty hands today and all of her tomorrows. Bless her Father and let her know she is not alone, but covered and surrounded by your Love.


randi---i have to say said...

I can't even imagine what this woman is going through right now! I will be praying, Kimmie.

javamamma said...

I am praying for God to bring something incredible out of this tragedy and for His comfort to surround this woman.

julie said...

Words cannot seem to express the sorrow I am feeling for this family. Praying for Sandi and her precious little girl. May they be home soon.

Sniz said...

Wow, this is absolutely horrible! He died in China? I will be praying.

EEEEMommy said...

I'm praying too! For them and also continuing for you.

Lovella said...

. .so so sad. I'll be praying for your friend and her little girl.
I agree together in prayer with all these blogging frineds.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh Kimmie, how terrible. My aunt and uncle adopted both of their children. My cousin Andrew was 3 mos old when he was placed with them. At 6 mos old, my uncle died suddenly of non-hodgkins lymphoma. 35 days after they discovered he had it. He had had a complete physical and was given a clean bill of health just 6 mos prior. She had a rough time finalizing his adoption. But she did and he's now almost 18 years old. God's plans are sometimes so hard for us to understand but we have to trust. I will pray for her, her family and for the those handling the adoption.


Bobbie-Jo said...

I will pray for this dear lady and her daughter. What a terrible nightmare. I pray that she experiences unexplainable peace.

Father God, you are a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless. Please comfort your children in this situation.

Greta Jo said...

Wow, I can not even imagine... Oh Lord, Please stand beside Sandi at this time. Lord you know her heart, her questions and sorrow. Please pour your love all around her, comfort her and guide her.

Cindy said...

My heart is heavy right now thinking of her. I wonder how God will move in this. I am confident He WILL move and will move mightily. Please keep us up to date!

Praying for you, too...

jenni said...

Oh, how terribly sad! I am praying that she will be able to bring that sweet baby home, and that they will bring comfort to one another as they rest in the Lord's protection and peace.

Sondra said...

Oh what an difficult time this must be for her. I will add her to my prayers.
Thank you so much for the prayer you have sent up for me. Please stop by and check on my health update.

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