Dec 7, 2007

A surprise visit to the hospital via ambulance

...This program has been temporarily bring you into yesterday, 'with us.'

I guess the Holy Spirit was meaning something a little different than was on my heart yesterday. I was feeling 'very much' on 'emotional overload.' The kind of feeling when you just are aware that anything that is said might push you over the edge into a puddle of tears. Well, I got to bible study and just didn't even want to open my mouth, wrestling with what God has called us to- wondering if this adoption will ever happen and if I will be 100 years old by then (remember the story of Sarah and Genesis?) I am not laughing, not that I am nearing my 100th birthday, but honestly, it sometimes feels like it.

We officially begin our women's bible study time with sharing around the table...our weeks highs and lows. Of course you can pass, but really that is not what our time together is about. I am usually last, by where I sit at the table. I shared; high-Hey we are # 9 on our agencies girls list! followed by the quick low- Well, if there was a program or referrals, sigh. I didn't cry, good right?

To make matters worse, we are delving into the infertility of Sarah and Abraham...actually this should be an excellent reminder on waiting on God' timing and not creating yourself an Ishmael. (remember Sarai tells Abram her husband to sleep with her maid servant, Hagar, to get them some 'offspring.') Sarai's hearts desire got the better of her, she got off the path and began forging her own through the desert (can you forge a path in the desert?) Sometimes just reading about infertility makes my eyes well up, some days I do better than others on this on again, off again, on again, off again adoption roller coaster.

Today I was very quiet, I didn't open my mouth, as I just had too much of an imbalance going on inside, I opted for self-control instead. We get finished with our questions and chapter of Genesis, and begin to share prayer requests ~ that is when I hear my son SCREAMING. I excuse myself, knowing it was King Meemer (5). Upon stepping into the hallway my oldest tells me he fell into the door frame coming up from the basement of the church...he is screaming. I get to him and he is covered in blood, he has a gash in his forehead. Do you remember the song, "DEEP and WIDE, there is a fountain flowing, DEEP and WIDE..."

Yup, that was Meemer. Not a fountain, but you get the picture.

Now, the great part to this tale is that I wasn't alone, I was surrounded by all my best friends and their children (who were rounded up into another room). Susan called 911, my 13 year old called her Papa, Hallie and I held the SCREAMING ONE and prayed over him. The ambulance was taking forever, even Hallie thought so. (do you remember that this is the second time Hallie has held King Meemer as we awaited the ambulance?)

No camera, can you believe it? Hallie didn't even have hers...if you knew Hallie, you'd know that this is unbelievable.

Two firetrucks and an ambulance this time. This time I didn't hold it together so well, at one point I found myself holding him and crying, luckily Hallie talked me gently back into semi-control. She didn't save me from my bad joke about King Meemer looking a little like Humpty which the paramedics said, "Oh, don't worry, we can put you back together Honey."

(to explain why I'd say something so DUMB...our book has Mr. Humpty with his head wrapped in pile on the ground in our version, sigh!)

King Meemer is okay, he got a few more stuffed toys...a fireman's hat, a ride in an ambulance, 7 stitches and in 5 days the removal of the 5 outside ones.

Not the kind of distraction I had hoped for, but how great is God to surround me when he knew I was weak. Today we are taking off from school and heading to the aquarium with some friends, pray for us would you? ;-)

cleaned up and stitched.

Ambulance gifts.

The boy is hungary...we somehow passed lunch time.

The hospital bracelet.

These aren't the best pictures, but you get the idea, right?


Tracie Loux said...

My first thought when I read your title, was oh no didn't she just do this not too long ago?

I'm so glad you were surrounded by friends!

Enjoy your day with your wee ones, and not so wee ones! Have fun!

Peace to you and yours!

KOSTAS said...

Sure you took big sorrow from the accident of your child.
In my country exists a proverb, that says: ¨ If it does not strike the child, it does not grow ¨. I wish the fast re-establishment of his health.
We pray always for all the children of world, him protects the big and wide embrace of Virgin Mary.

Tracy said...

Ahh! I WILL pray for you guys! We give fun little gifts like that on our ambulance too. The kids love it...some of them. :)

Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh Kimmie. Sometimes it seems like everything is coming at you all at once. But, I just read Lori's post the other day about praying for patience. Does God just give us patience or does He give us opportunities to practice patience? This was His opportunity for you to practice patience in order for His will to be fulfilled. Clearly that is why you were surrounded by your friends to help you. Just as you are in blogland, each of us praying for you and your adoption. So I believe that your adoption will happen. All you need is patience and God will provide the rest.


Debbie said...

Poor little guy. Kids are so resilient...he looks happy and pleased in the photos.

I'm so glad you were with friends.

Cindy said...

So glad he's doing ok. That smile is too cute. And you know I love that Hallie was there blessing you.

I'm going to pray for peace for you, Kimmie. You can trust Him. And you can simply rest in Him. Just rest.

Emily said...

My middle daughter Rachel had 18 the EXACT place that your little king had.

it was indeed DEEP and WIDE. We saw her skull. yucky.

But the thing I wanted to leave you with is this. The scar is not nearly as bad as you might wonder about. (that was one of my biggest concerns) It's hardly noticeable anymore, 1 year later.

And it's a reminder of sorts....that children are precious and He is in control.

it could have been much, much worse. Right?

His little smile is so cute.


randi---i have to say said...

Please give your little man an extra hug for me! Poor guy and poor mama!

He does look awfully proud of himself in the last photo! ;)

Shawnda said...

Oh NO!!!! So sorry, sister! But SO thankful, as Tracie mentioned, you were surrounded by friends!!! And thankful your little guy is ok!!!! We'll be praying for him, praying for your heart through the adoption, and FOR the adoption!!!! Though our circumstances were different - they didn't "shut off referrals" during our adoption - it was a long, hard wait, and I wondered if we'd EVER be parents. Oh.....I cried out to the Lord daily, and had many days like the one you had yesterday (excluding the ambulance ride and blood!!!). Praying for you!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Lovella said...

Oh poor little King Meemer.
I can't remember how many times our boys had stitches. It just comes with the territory.
I wish I could give you a hug. I really do.

ConservaChick said...

I am so glad he's ok. Lot's of prayer for you and your family today. ~Karlie

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmmie!
I'll be praying for King Meemer's quick recovery! We made quite a few trips to the emergency room with our son when he was growing up. It seems to go with the territory of raising boys. Still praying for your adoption. Have a great weekend!
Love, Velvia

Velvia said...

It's me again! So sorry I put 3 m's in your name, I typed it too quickly and didn't proof it.
Silly me! Velvia

Greta Jo said...

Kimmie, Thank God your King is ok. I will continue to pray for you regarding the adoption process.
If you ever need to talk I am here for you.

Jenni said...

Kimmie, you have to believe me when I say that King Meemer is the cutest kid on the planet. I should know, because he looks JUST like my Tobias, who is also the cutest kid on the planet!

Oh seriously, they have the same eyes, the same chubby's kind of weird, really!

But I'm so glad he is all right and that you had the help you needed when the crisis hit. Maybe it was God's way of giving you an "out" so you could give way to your tears without it seeming out of place?

Many ((((HUGS)))) to both of you!!

javamamma said...

What a trooper!

I am praying for you - it seems to be a big stretching time in your life. God is faithful and may your heart cry be "yet I will praise Him". It seems to be a season of God looking into our hearts for just that response.

Amrita said...

I 'm so sorry Kimmie, i think i got you confused with another blogger and was visiting her thinking it was you. She doesn 't have her name on and says nothing about adoption, and I thoght maybe you don 't want to talk about it. Sorry i mssed you, confusion cleared

Sniz said...

What a cute boy! I'm so glad he's OK and that you were among friends that helped keep both of you calm!

Anonymous said...

What a hard day you had to endure. I am glad King Meemer is okay; head wounds bleed so very much, don't they?



Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

I remember the last time he had to go to the hospital! I'm glad you had a friend with you who was able to help you stay strong.

Michelle said...

It sounds to me like you held it together well...tears and all.

In all the excitement did King Meemer get to see the fire trucks, and understand that they were there for him? If it were one of my boys, we'd be hearing at the dinner table (for months and months)...."Yeah, and I got such a bad cut in my head that they had to call an ambulance and TWO fire trucks to save me!"

I think I will pray that any further distractions for you will not include blood or medical intervention:-)


blue thistle books said...

I believe God is preparing this little guy for bigger things. He'll be good and ready by then, a little scarred maybe, but nonetheless ready!

You did a great job mama!

Love you!


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