Mar 14, 2008

A blog Award

My sweet friend across the pond (in the land I love almost as much as America), blessed me with a blog award that her daughter, 'The Fixer' designed. I have been feeling in a slump as of lately, probably due to the 'paperwork' stage of our adoption- so this is a definite bright spot in my week.

Jackie is very clever and I love visiting her -if you need a little United Kingdom fix...head on over and be blessed.

To pass on this grace-filled award, I can think of one who truly has shown grace upon grace over the last year, that I have known her. She is a woman of great spiritual strength, a fierce mother's love, a heart that fully belongs to God, a woman of Hope, a daughter who is on her knees in search of the Father's will and a hurting heart that has a heavy road on an adoption to I pass this to my Jenny and hope it brings her new friends that will stand believing with her in bringing sweet Talitha home. Come on and bless Jenny, she could use our love and support during this adoption trial that her family has been going through for FAR TOO LONG! (and honestly, isn't this why we blog, so that we can encourage each other?)


Jenny said...

Dear sister,

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I had such a terrible day yesterday dealing with all of this and your sweet words are balm to my heart and soul. Thank you.

And your prayers are carrying us through this difficult trial and leading us to the Father. "Draw near to the Father and He will draw near to you." James 4:8

Many blessings to you and your children for lifting our family up in prayers.

Emily said...

That's a perfect award for her! I just started reading her blog and it's wonderful.

(you ain't chopped liver either!) haha

Amrita said...

Congrats Kimmie. Jackie indeed is a special lady and her girls too.

May the Lord help you with all the paper work.

Have youe you read about Amy Carmichael?

Kimmie said...

Hi Amrita;

Yes, I have- she was quite the servant of God. (Oh, my dream is that the orphans would come to my door- if it were only as simple as that) The funny thing is, is that my last adoption pretty much happened that way. I had asked the Lord to "bring me children"("and wouldn't more than one at a time be better Lord?"...)we thought we were watching Princess Giggles, King Meemer and King Bonkie for 10 days (respite care) while we waiting on our adoption to Guatemala...but God meant it for forever!

Be blessed sweet Amrita!


Letitia said...

That's great. I am a friend of hers also, and just requested prayer for their family last week on my blog. It's so horrible all they have had to go through. We had a delayed adoption, although now that bad, and I know how hard it is.
Prayers for your paperwork and God's grace over it.


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) Congratulations on the award! I will stop in and visit Jackie & Jenny. Love, Q

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Congratulations! You truly deserve that award. I hope that the papers for the adoption of your new child will be in order and the adoption will be completed very soon. God bless you more for your heart of gold.

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Congrats! You are totally deserving of the award. =)

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