Apr 23, 2008

Ethiopia announcement

My sweet Knight got the phone call...we got our number...looks like we are #30.

My heart is a bit heavy and honestly I thought about not posting, but better to have your prayers and support than to hold my heavy heart alone. The devil would love that, he is an isolationist you know.

Some of you might wonder why the 'heavy heart'...well, you see this is our third time on a wait list for the same adoption, with the same agency. We started in Guatemala in 2006...wait list number 37, we got to #1. Then we stopped the adoption because God brought us the sibling group, who we thought we were just watching for ten days. We stopped to adopt them and then repaid all fees to begin Guatemala again, started at 19 on the wait list. they put us in halfway because we had already waited and paid once. As we neared a referral call, the country shut down. In January we decided to switch countries, as our paperwork would expire for Guatemala and still the country was closed. We once again repaid... So getting a waiting list number of 30 is heart heavy.
There was no halfway offered, basically it was pay and wait. We were told a few weeks back that there were only 16 on the wait list for an infant girl...not sure what all this means. Not sure how we will know- they are saying 3-6 months to referral, but there is also something about 10 months and 2 months in which Ethiopia totally shuts down the court systems.

Of course it isn't about the money or the time, but about waiting. As a woman with infertility, this is quite the ride. If you've never had infertility, count yourself truly blessed.

The agency did explain to my husband that this is all the people waiting on all the lists (not something they did with the Guatemala program.) Honestly, I am confused and the paperwork they sent today is not too clear either.

Adoption is not only a spiritual act, it is also emotional. I know Jesus understands, because sometimes this world got to Him too.
..I know because scripture says, "He wept."


Anonymous said...


I am right by your side and you know I will be praying...I love you!


javamamma said...

Praying for your heavy heart tonight, friend.

julie said...

I'm sorry they wouldn't move you up on the list. I really wish they had.

Our agency currently has 38 on the list and they also put everyone together, so this is everyone waiting. We have asked for two children four or under so I'm not sure if this means we will wait longer or not. The courts in Ethiopia close for the rainy season in July and open again late September, however, they should still be giving out referrals during this time, there just wont be any court dates.

Our documents are going out for state certification this week and then we can send them to our agency and get on the wait list. I am really hoping to be in the 30 group and not in the beginning of the 40's. 30 just sounds better.

I will pray for you my friend. I had infertility for seven years before God blessed me with my first baby. My heart aches for you as I know how hard it is to yearn for a wee one and not understand why you can't have one.

Hang in there! You'r little baby will be in your arms before you know it.

God Bless,

p.s. Do you know how blessed you are to have a husband who does all the paperwork???? My hubby is wonderful but he hates paperwork, I can barely get him to sign his name on the forms. lol. I am very jealous!

Stephanie said...

Praying for you. I don't know what else to say to comfort you. So I will pray. God knows.

Anna said...

The Lord bless you and keep you. Waiting is hard, but the Lord has your babies chosen and will make everything perfect in His time.

Foxy5 said...

Praying with you. Praying. Praying. Praying.

Emily said...

30 is better than 37. Count it all Joy my friend. :)

Jodi said...

Kimmie, I'm so sorry for your heavy heart tonight. I'll be praying that this wait list moves so quickly, that those children ahead of yours will be placed in other loving homes without delay, and that you'll be holding your baby(s) before you know it. :)

Renna said...

Kimmie, you've given this to God, and you can trust Him with it.

I will pray for your disappointed heart. :-(

Stacy said...


It reminds me... I think we started out on the GUA list at #36? Maybe it was even higher than that. 38? 41?

And slowly made our way down...

When we were at #10, we GOT THE CALL. #10!!! I thought, "Surely this is a mistake!" There are 10 people in front of us on this list!

But no... apparently those 10 people wanted BRAND-NEWBORNS, not the 2 1/2 month old little boy that WE WANTED.

God knows.

He's got you covered.

YOUR baby will come to you.

And. I will pray for your heart, sweet friend.


Sondra said...

I have been keeping you in my prayers.
Keep looking up!

Jenny said...

Continuing to pray for you during this long and difficult wait. I pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to you, that you would fall in love with Him more and be able to see a reason for all the delays and heartaches.

Not sure if you've checked our blog recently, but our news about Talitha Francess isn't good....we're back on the "list" for a new referral as well...but I do know that Jesus is taking this and the infertity and the pain and transforming me to be more like Him. May He do the same with you!

Jill said...

God can lift that heavy heart in a moments notice.I know how hard the wait is,I truelly do.

Shawnda said...

Oh my dear Kimmie!!! I wish I could just come over, bring you your favorite drink...be it tea or coffee...pray and fellowship with you! My heart is heavy with you - thankful to carry the burden with you. I would feel the same way, no doubt!!! Sister, the Lord brought your little ones through foster care JUST in time. He did not create a Guatemalan baby for your family before there was time. It seems He created an Ethiopian baby for your baby! And you would not receive that sweet blessing and miracle had you been placed with a Guatemalan baby!!!! Our friends just got their referral from Ethiopia - they waited 7+ months due to the rainy season when the courts closed!! BUT if they'd gotten a referral any sooner....they would not have THEIR little girl b/c she is a wee little thing and wasn't in the orphanage yet!!!

I say all of this to encourage you that the Lord has your baby picked out. He knows where your baby is and when your baby will be ready. And THEN you will get that referral!!!!

I have to preach this to myself every day as we wait on our new addition!!!

I'm praying for you in the wait!

Love you, sister!!! hugs!

Amrita said...

Take heart Kimmie if God has led you this far he will go with you all through the way. I admire your patience.

Amrita said...
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Amrita said...
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Amrita said...
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Jenni said...

I am so sorry you are #30. Waiting is the hardest thing I think we can ever be asked to do! I am praying for you.

Tracy said...

Ug! Waiting! God is teaching me so much through waiting! I know it is soooo hard though. I will be praying for you tonight!

Greta Jo said...

I am sure while you are waiting for your number to be called, the Lord will pull you closer to him.
Remember- The Lord is the driver...
Praise God you are number 30 not 300.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I'm so sorry your heart is heavy, I'm praying for you!

I apologize for my bad timing, but I tagged you for a Six Word Memoir meme. The information is on my blog, but I certainly understand if you don't want to participate!
Love, Velvia

Bobbie-Jo said...

My prayers are for you Kimmie. May you and your family rest in His arms, knowing that He has only good plans for you and your children who are apart from you for now. May your heart find peace in His eternal Graces.

All my love, my sweet friend, as you put your trust only in our Lord.

Maury said...

I am praying for you. I am sure the not knowing for sure is the hardest part.

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