Apr 6, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

How was your week? Hope you have had many times to stop and thank God for his favor over your life. Certainly, we are a forgetful people, how about we make time this week to daily thank Him for all the blessings (small and LARGE) that He has given us. Thankful hearts are blessable hearts, come on want to join me ?
My week was a busy one, full of God's hand. On Monday I got a phone call from my friend Fran, telling me her husband had died. Dave had found out he had cancer the end of last summer, he was 74. Three days after they got their diagnosis, I met them. My oldest had been involved in a Shakespeare production and so had their grandson, we began talking (simple as that), and a deep love began. You see, my family daily stood with them in prayer, believing for Dave's healing. Dave is healed now, as he is rejoicing, pain free with Jesus. Dave Blaney walked with God in this life, he had a servant's heart and a musical gifting. His celebration service (funeral) was amazing, what a wonderful tribute to a godly man, husband, father and friend. His celebration was filled with music~he even sang (tape recordings of the many times he sang in church, he was the music director for 25 years). It was very moving and filled with God's peace.
I feel blessed to have been woven into the tapestry of his life, though I was woven in late-what a privilege to be included in his family celebration of a life well done. It will be such a blessing to spend time with his sweet and gracious wife Fran.
Before we left for the service for Dave, my 5 year old son who had been part of our prayer team for Mr. Blaney said, "Mama, I think I will marry Mrs. Blaney. (then a moment of quiet)...can we adopt her Mama?"
Oh sweet King Meemer, 'Yes, we can.'
Can I pray for you this week? And remember, let's be thankful children this week!
It is well with my soul...how about yours?


Tracie said...

Good Morning Kimmie,
Please pray as our family travels on a ministry trip this week to a House of Prayer in Louisiana.

In addition, since LA is Elia's birth state, we decided to visit her birth family for a day while we're there. Pray for a beautiful time together with them and that the Love of the Lord might abound.

Rachel said...

I hav an unspoken prayer I would love to have you bathe in prayer with me.

Penless Thoughts said...

Kimmie, Our dear and precious friend Jack is going to have quadrupal heart bypass surgery tomorrow at B*ap*tist Hospital in OKC. Please pray for him. Thanks!!!

Shawnda said...

Oh sister,

I love King Meemer's words - SO PRECIOUS! And it just shows the love you are living as a family and passing down to the generations after you! Praise God!!! You now also get to live out the 2nd part of James 1:27, caring for widows! Praise Him!!

I'm going to a holistic Dr this wk (Fri). Please pray for healing for my body. I'm still struggling greatly. We are now believing it's food allergy related. Please pray for wisdom for the Dr and for this to be resolved quickly!

thanks, sister!!! : )

Quinne said...

"...can we adopt her Mama?"

Oh, Kimmie! What a precious heart!

I am sorry to hear that Mr Blaney died, but it is a joy to know that he is with the Father. I will pray with you for Mrs Blaney in these days.

Have a most blessed week! Love, Q

Nancy - Lessons Learned on the Farm said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't believe you have a BEAR scratching on your house. Wowzers!

Greta Jo said...

Kimmie- How can I pray for you?

Michelle said...

The first time I heard the story of the hymn, was when I found true beauty in it. Now it is one of my favorites.

I too would like to know how to pray for you.

Kimmie said...

Hi all;

Okay, for those who read comments...Nancy is talking about our cabin (not our house) in Vermont...yes, there is a bear who scratched the front of the house (though not while we were home ;-)
funny, we've never been afraid. (nor will we be)!!

Greta Jo...just for our adoption paperwork...we should have the dossier all set to be certified and notarized hopefully this week. I just feel like we have hit EVERY road block and I sometimes forget we are adopting, just cuz it is painful to think about all the time and delays.

When we are all 'stamped up' we will get our waiting list number and then we are told 2-6 months to referral. (I can hardly believe it!) Thanks so much for asking, you blessed my heart girl!


Stephanie said...

That song is wonderful and truly blessed me! I miss the old hymns like that! And man! David Phelps' solo! I was in tears and rejoicing here! Praise God!

Praise God for some direction with our adoption! Please pray for our adoption information seminar we are attending on Saturday. And pray for childcare for my two kiddos while we attend. I tend to be a bit overprotective...pray that I figure out someone who I can trust for 8 hours (3hours driving there, 2 hour seminar, 3 hours driving home) with my kids and that I can have peace with it so I can concentrate on exactly how to get my 3rd child home with me!
Thanks so much!

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