Aug 24, 2008

Praise Request Sunday

Hi all. Glad to have you stop by, hope you've had a lovely week.

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I'd love to cover you in prayer.
For those of you who popped in to Overthemoonwithjoy this week, thanks. I am so blessed to have you as friends, what wonderful encouragement you are to me. I truly appreciate you.
I'd like to share this, particularly with those who read this weeks adoption-related discovery:
We have been being hit pretty hard with financial things as of late. Then well, the news on airfare to Ethiopia...well, yikes I was definitely ruffled and more than a few tears were shed on my knees.
This afternoon I dropped my, 'two biggies' off for the play they were in, King Lear. As I parked my car, suddenly I had the urge to drive to the next town, to an old church barn that sells odds and ends on Saturdays. I hadn't been out in over a year, a fun place to poke when you have time, each week ~new goodies arrive as people clear out and give to this church. The church then sells it and uses the money for missions.
As I pulled in, the huge doors at the barn's back were in their normal, 'wide open~peak inside' stance. Immediately, I saw an old painted dresser standing at the edge of the barn's gateway. As I stepped in, I noticed it was OLD, tall and had deep deep drawers. I had asked God a month ago for a dresser for my know Meemer and Bonkie. We couldn't afford new, the boys have been using a thrifted old maple buffet, that I actually bought prior to meeting them, for our Guatemalan babies we were to adopt. I thought it would make a groovy changing table, the price was right too of course.
They had outgrown the drawers, their clothes have grown in size and now I was getting ready to buy them something more effective. One of my friends has been watching at a weekly auction, hoping to find a solid wood, deep drawer beauty for us, something old, as this makes my heart leap for joy.
I slid her drawers open, beautiful. We had looked at an antique dresser in Vermont, on our last visit. It was too pricey and alas her drawers were meddlesome. However, hers were perfect. She was old, tall and had deep drawers, she has experienced life fully and now awaited her next mission. I asked the older church gentleman that oversees the affairs of the barn, how much she was. He looked me over and said, "How about $5."
I said that would be excellent. It was solid wood and just what I had prayed for.
He then hesitated and asked me, 'What IT was for?'
I explained we were doing an adoption to Ethiopia and needed to rearrange our 6 kids bedroom space. We needed a new dresser with deeper drawers for 2 sons to share.
He said,'Then I want to give it to you.' 'Do you think you will get siblings?'
At this point another man shopping comes over, seems he knows antiques. As I go get the car ready, flipping seats and moving car seats to make room, they both reappear carrying the dresser. They are smiling and trying to bless me.
The Antique Guy, says it is from the 1800's. He says if we pull the paint off and refinish her, that she will be worth a lot of money. Something about 'Antique Roads Show,' he said.
I am wiping tears from my face, because my Father was showing me in this dresser, that He hears me. He is reminding me of His faithfulness and that He has got me covered. Five dollars would have been great, but God wanted to bless me and show me that He is waiting to show me more. You see He is into the details.
Lord, thank you for showing me your hand today and help me not be such a weanie.
Yours truly-Kimmie


Becka said...

Kimmie, what a great story. I have a similar one. When I was expecting my oldest, I wanted a dresser for him. One that was low enough to use as a changing table.

My husband did not understand the need and did not want to devote any finances to a special dresser.

I know it sounds really weird on both of our parts. Dh for being such a pain over whether or not a baby needed a dresser (of course he did, where was I going to store the clothes), and me over praying daily for a dresser, as if the life of my baby depended on it.

One day, dh and I went to pick my brother up at his apartment. There, sticking out of the dumpster was a dresser. A long low one. Just like I had prayed for.

"Get that dresser for me." I told my husband.
"Ewwww, gross. It's in a dumpster." he responded.
"God sent that dresser to me, and you will get out of this car and get it OUT of the dumpster."

Haha. Pregnancy hormones. Dh and my brother didn't dare argue further, and so they reluctantly pulled the dresser out of the garbage.

It was a sight to behold. It had ben spray painted in psychedelic colors, and had profanities painted on every square inch.

"This is the dresser God sent you?" Dh asked.

I held my ground, took the vile thing home with me and my foster sister and I spent hours sanding it down, priming, and repainting it.

It was beautiful when i finished. perfectly lovely and wonderful for a nursery.

When my kids outgrew the need for it, I sold it for fifty dolllars.
Can God bless us through something as ordinary as a dresser? Of course he can.

Bobbie-Jo said...

Oh Kimmie! I would have been crying had you not said the word "weanie". Then I just couldn't help it. I laughed out loud!

My praise for today is also in the details. I am just gearing up for back-to-school planning, and there are several things that need to fall into place yet for the fall. And they just aren't coming. Once in a while I fret about it, but mostly I'm just waiting to see what God has planned.

As I was praying the other night about the coming school year, He spoke to me about what this year would hold for my kids.


They have in some ways taken a slight beating by life this last two years. They are great kids, and are thriving, but in academics are hurting. This year they will gain confidence.

I'm so excited. :)

Emily said...

I think that having Him answer your SMALL request is appropriate. Almost like a 'uh, hellooooo...of course I'm going to handle the BIG stuff too!'

One year I prayed for a Christmas dress. I had 2 little ones and no money. none. Normally I didn't share with my husband my 'wants' because I didn't want to pressure him, knowing we didn't have the money.
1 week before Christmas, my mil called me and we were speaking about normal things, until she **(an unbeliever btw) said, "Oh Emily, I have this dress. It's velvet and long and it doesn't fit me, but I thought that you might like it." My heart stopped a beat.

He listens.

Nobody knew but Him. Nobody.

BJ said...

Long time reader, but have rarely commented. I've been off-line and not reading blogs much since spring, but last week decided to get caught up on some. I am amazed at how the Lord is leading you, and providing. A dresser is important to Him, too! How awesome! Even when we are weanies! lol! We're looking at adoption as part of our future as well, and I am so encouraged and inspired by your story and your family. Many blessings, and thanks so much for your openness - it is an encouragement to me as a wife and mother.

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) What a joy to read this precious post today! The fact that He is into the details is one of my very favorite things about the Father. The things He is working for good (you, know - ALL of them)... He makes them so, so good. Aren't we thankful? Love you! Q

FHL said...

Oh Kimmie, I LOVED reading this! How awesome for God to not only answer your material need, but to show you his provision at a time when your heart needed the encouragment! So great!

Renata said...

Kimmie, this post gave me goosebumps! God is amazing the way he provides & cares about the little things! Praise God for the beautiful dresser - a visible reminder of God's love & provision!

Jeff and Amy said...

How amazing, this just warms my heart and again reassures God is with us always, have a great day :)

julie said...

What an Awesome God we serve. Thanks for sharing.


Emmee said...

your story made me smile today - LOL thanks for sharing


Laura said...

I have tears too! Praise Jesus for His Faithfulness in providing for our needs.

Kimmie--God knows your needs for the tickets. I believe He wants you to fully rest in His Faithfulness and He IS going to provide those tickets for your family. He desires to bless your family and to display His glory through your obedience. So get ready to be blessed!

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