Oct 19, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

Hi friends!

Can I pray for you today? Please leave me a note...if I can't pray for you, I'd love to hear a highlight from your week.
My highlight...I got invited to see Beth Moore on Friday night. Good worship, great fellowship and a good Word. I am feeling so much lighter.
Have any of you done Beth's study on David..."A Heart Like His" I'd love your thoughts on the study, as I am pondering buying it. Though I am currently doing the book of Numbers with my women's group.
Love you~ Kimmie


Melanie Ireland said...

I have been visiting your site for some time. You represent so much of what I'd like to become. After many years of infertility we now have two daughters ages 9 and 2 but are considering adoption through foster care. I started Beth Moore's 90 Days with A Heart Like His nineteen days ago. It is helping me to realize how much I look to people for approval instead of to God, just like Saul. I want Him to be so much more in my life and so I need to give up my insecurities as I am sure David had to. If you decide to do this study I don't think you'll be disappointed. Her insights are so good. I'd like to hear her in person sometime.

Thank you for being an encouragement.

Annie Chase said...

I have a praise! (I guess it's a highlight too)
My oldest brother Sam lives in England and is 34. I just got a call from him yesterday in which he told me that he had just gotten engaged :)
So now my sister and my brother are both engaged at the same time. I'm very happy for him..for them...for all four of them :)
Now I'm the only one left.

Renata said...

The highlight of my week was our best friends dropping in for the weekend! Glad you're going well. Still praying for you guys!

Any Girl said...

The highlight of my week was zooming to Colorado with family to see my grandparents. They are angels, every day spend several hours in the service of others, and are wonderful people (92 and 87). My grandma was adopted after her mother died, and she loved her adoptive parents. I am a mentor for foster children, and so I am thankful for people like you! Keep it up!

Michelle said...

I've never done the David study...but did Daniel last fall. I LOVED it! Some ladies and I are trying to find a good study to do through the winter. Maybe we should check out "A Heart Like His". I'd love to hear what you decide.


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