Nov 6, 2008


The colors and tempos of nesting

We have been cleaning out here and came across some wonderful old books that I had collected at the beginning of our homeschool adventure 13 years ago. We carefully unpacked the boxes and fingered gently through each as a newly found treasure.

My Knight had hopes that I would release a few, in the mentality that we need to streamline with the coming addition of another child to our home. After unloading the two cardboard boxes, two were deemed releasable and to the thrift store bag in the garage it went.

The rest made themselves comfortable within the huge basket that resides next to our red comfy couch in the living room. We have been reading through each of them (with a renewed joy for me, as fond memories of my first unit studies flashed through my mind) as we find a quiet moment...or make one.
The wee ones have been enjoying the stack of bird books. I shared how their oldest sister had tried to make a nest when we studied birds, when she was a wee lass. How she gathered twigs and grass and attempted to create a nest. Alas, we had to resort to a glue gun. Our nest was rather square with strings of that hot glue threading itself as a garland in and out of our creation. We had a new awe of birds, as they don't have fingers, directions or the glue gun as an aid to them; just the natural creative design of God that He bestowed to them.

We are beginning to nest in preparation to *Little Beauty's* arrival. I was hesitant to shop, as I had done it twice before and had it go ugly. Twice set up a nursery, only to have to take it down. Guess fear was holding me back, but I pushed myself a bit and have begun the *nesting process.*

Please pray for our paperwork to get done in Central Authority, quickly and without error-we want to make it through our first court date without being stamped:

Hanging in, increasing our prayer time, believing God for *Little Beauty.*

Having the faith to wear mascara out of the house.


The Arthur Clan said...

Your photos and written thoughts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them both...

Angie in OH

Letitia said...

Thanks for stopping by. I pray that God will bring you through this adoption with no "denials", and that He will minister to your heart as you wait through the rest of this process.

Emily said...

Your last sentence made me smile.
And I'm so proud of you that you gave up a box of books! That's hard work. You deserve a pat on the back.

HouseOfSmooches said...

Your photos are so beautiful!! I will be praying that your paperwork sails through CA!!

HouseOfSmooches said...
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Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
Those nesting pictures are really beautiful. Thanks for showing them. We have a box of old books too out in the garage. We just can not part with them as each one holds special memories for us.
I continue to pray that the next stage of your adoption goes smoothly and your 'Little Beauty' can soon enter your wonderful family nest.
Thinking of you.

mom said...

Praying for your nesting WHILE wearing mascara! :-)

Tammy ~@~

Bobbie-Jo said...

Ah ... nesting.

Both my mom and I are praying for your Beauty.

Stephanie said...

Love the "sweet" little outfit! Praying for you and the process.

And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I wish we were closer too. We'd definitely have a sewing party creating things for our little ones!! :-)

julie said...

I love finding old treasures. I am sure your little beauty will come home to you soon. I will be praying that God gives you peace in this area.

God Bless,

crazyeights said...

praying for you and little beauty!

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