Nov 9, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday on the splashy side!

Hey friends...hope this finds you well-I was thinking of labeling today's post as: 'Splashy Sunday.'
As I was driving the tribe to church this morning, I began praying and asking the Holy Spirit to come and to pour Himself out on us, as we worshipped Him. I got a quick visual of 'us' worshipping the Lord and getting so full of His Presence, that we left splishing and splashing! It made me laugh, as we were really sloshing about, but really it is what the Lord wants. He desires to fill us, so that He can pours us out on to those we come in contact with throughout our day...then when we are empty, from all the giving and pouring out, we fall back at His feet so that we can be filled.

Yesterday, God had me laughing too...actually it was the same spot on the highway that He spoke to me this morning. Yesterday, I was running to my girlfriend Karla's house, as she wanted to bless me with a vintage sewing machine (both of my old ones have been acting needs to be shot!). Anyway, on the way, I put on the local Christian radio station. Now I am no fan of country music and I guess it was their country music time slot. Honestly, it is just not my thing! After a song or two, I can just feel the tension rising, I normally switch it off. This time I said, 'Lord, really do you like this. Their whining drives me crazy, I know that it is a worship song, but really!"

Then I clearly heard, 'Yeah, that is how I feel about people sometimes.'

I nearly drove out of my lane giggling and laughing. Truly, I knew He was being kind and really meant "me."

Hope you stopped in to ask for prayer. I'd love to join with you in believing God for His hand to move in your life. What is on your heart, what is going on in your life...anything we can pray about together?

Have a blessed to you tomorrow!

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Bobbie-Jo said...

What a beautiflu post. I could use some splashing right now! :)

Great news about your sewing machine. I bet the new one is lovely. Mine ... just a cheapie from Wal-Mart. But I'm thankful for it. It was perfect to learn on.

mom said...


:::::shhhhhhh::::: I feel the same way about country music, but you've convicted me with the comparison of that to my whining! YIKES!

Actually, I stopped by to tell you that you have TWO nominations - the second one is for "Best Cyberbuddy" :-)

Tammy ~@~

Renata said...

I can see the splashing as you describe it - what a wonderful picture!

Amrita said...

Pray for the revival meeting going onatthe Allhabad Christian University. I was able to go yesterday, but today there was no transport. Pray I may be able to go tomorrow.

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