Dec 7, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday-Becoming an Encourager (2)

Prayer Request Sunday
Over the Moon with Joy

Morning friends, hope you had a lovely week and that you experienced many God moments.

My new friend Julianna wasn't in church this morning...would you pray for her this week-she is a brand new Christian. She has been heavy on my heart all week. God allowed me to usher her into the Kingdom last week, my heart wants her to grow in her walk with Him and not to be swept away. We gave her a bible, would you pray that she is drawn to pick it up and let God speak to her through it?

Can I pray for you this week?

Amy, I got your email...I am praying sweet friend. God is always working and is always so much bigger than we think. Trust Him, even when it is hard because you have nothing left to give and no more hope to hang on...He will come to you and refresh your Spirit.

Becoming an Encourager (part 1)
This week...Part 2
We are working through 1 Thessalonians 5: 11-23

This week we will finish off verses 14-16

1 Thes. 5: 14 What it says: Help the Weak Step out: Remind them of God's constant love and faithfulness-Say 'Fear NOT!' and give them a BIG hug.

5:14 What it says: Be Patient Step out: Take a deep breath, walk away, stop and pray, think of a new solution. Choose to stay calm and in control of yourself. Thinking ahead often

5:15 What it says: Resist Revenge Step out: Trust God and let Him alone be your protection~do good to your enemies.

5:16 What it says: Be Joyful Step out: Keep your eyes fixed on Him regardless of the situation


Heather said...

I just have to say that I so badly wish I had a friend like you to help me find my way to God. These past few years have been the hardest of my life, and I've cried to God to please help me get through it. To please just give me a bit of comfort to help me know that this is all part of his plan. But I don't ever feel anything but emptiness. Where is God? We were never close before, but now when I need him so badly, I can't find him. Maybe I should have looked before things got bad. Am i being punished for not seeking him out when my life was still uncomplicated?

Kimmie said...

Oh Heather, God draws you...these hard times are times for you to cry out for Him, to seek Him and to find Him in a deeper richer way.

Relationships build with time and effort. If you want a relationship with God...this easy. Just come to Him. We need to make time to talk to him (prayer), to be reading the Bible (His Word...a love letter written just for YOU!) In the process of daily seeking Him, you are building a relationship. The more you give to Him of you...the more you will notice Him in your life.

And silly do have me for a friend. Just because we aren't face to face ...doesn't mean that we can't be great friends. I am always here for have my email...forgive me for not always getting right back to you...I do love hearing from you.

Life is particularly busy here with the arrival of Little Beauty shortly. That doesn't mean I am not thinking of you, praying for you or just wishing I could find more time to spend with you.

Praying that God speaks to your heart...perhaps a move someday will bring us closer?

Bless your heart and I pray the pain and emptiness you feel, are replaced with a firm knowledge of His continually BIG love for you.

Be strong and of good courage see, our life is all about 'choice'....what are you going to choose Heather?


Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
I know it's Thursday, but finally I'm catching up on blogging. Will pray for your friend & I hope you were able to keep in touch with her this week. Praying for your family - especially tomorrow!! So exciting!!
Heather - I'll also pray for you.

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