Feb 20, 2009

On my heart

Ever ask God for vision and have Him give you something totally other than what you expected?

Recently, I began praying to God for vision...to see what it was that He would have me to do. My heart longs to serve Him, I don't desire to do anything fancy, just whatever it is that He sees fit for me to do. I never want to feel like I am 'done' or that I am too busy to ask God what it is I can do today for Him. I felt like He wanted to lead me some place other than where He'd previously taken me..

So this is what I got dropped into my spirit....

You are an Ambassador of my Kingdom...become also an Ambassador of adoption. Create (or have someone create) something that can be mailed across the world, (I am seeing a simple doll...handmade) that can remind people of the children that wait, as orphans, for a family. Remind my people that I have asked them to care for widows and orphans. Tell them that when the 'package' arrives to enjoy it, to take it about with them, to love it (as children would) and to stop to pray for the orphans of the world, asking what they can do, before they send it on to the next recipient.

Let them open their hearts in prayer to the orphans and the very real need that exists for their care. Send a journal and let them write in it, you write the first entry, include my Word, as it is Powerful and never goes forth void, but always accomplishes my purposes. Let this 'creation' travel from place to place, my Spirit will go with it, as will my Power...you will see what a simple act of following me will bring. Stir the people and let Me move in their midst. Let them see what I have done in your family, allow Me to use you.

Totally, not what I thought He'd have me to do. So now I will pray and I will begin trying to figure out what would be best to send. I am not much of a seamstress, but maybe something simple would be best anyway. I have never tried anything like this...

Any ideas of how to best do this? I'd love to hear from you. Any of you make dolls?


(taken from Noah Webster Dictionary (year) 1828*-when dictionaries still had godly definitions)

Ambassador (also then written Embassador)-
1. A minister of the highest rank employed by one prince or state, at the court of another, to manage the public concerns of his own prince or state, and representing the power and dignity of his sovereign. Embassadors are ordinary, when they reside permanently at a foreign court; or extraordinary, when they are sent on a special occasion. They are also called ministers. Envoys are ministers employed on special occasions, and are of less dignity.
2. In ludicrous language, a messenger.


The Red Thread Kids: said...

Oh Kimmie, this is lovely! I will love to help. Email me at the address we used before - not my blogger one, its difficult to get into that mailbox! I got an idea.

Mom Of Many said...

Hi Kimmie! THank you for your sweet comments on my blog today. It is wonderful to meet a kindred spirit and of course we can be friends!! =)

YOur Mercy is beautiful. Our Elizabeth that I have just returned (with ELijah) from Uganda with is Elizabeth Mercy...
I look forward to our times together Miss Kimmie (and by the way, I ALWAYS wanted my name to be Kimmy)...

Hugs from Colorado,

Anonymous said...

When I read this I immediately imagined a woman sitting at a traffic light staring off into space until she saw something hanging from her rear view mirror that reminded her every day in the car to pray for widows and orphans. She can't look away from it as she is the driver, and must look at it every single day, a couple times a day at least. It is so beautiful and sweet that she can't help smiling when she sees it. It even swings a little every time she turns or stops ~ again noticing the little thing and reminding her of why it is there.

Not sure what the "thing" would be and not sure if it is what the Lord would have you to do, and not sure this is from Him, but it's what I "saw" in my heart ~ and I had to share.

I'm excited for you!!! Keep us all posted!!!

Dawn G said...

I'm glad to hear I not the only one dealing with crazy squirrels!!
Wow thank you so much for sharing!! I SOOO need to pray for a vision. I am so grateful for your blog!!!


aimee said...

WOW!!! What a great idea! My husband and I are ambassadors for adoption too - and I love your idea of sending something for remembrance - let me know if you need any help or ideas - I'll definately pray for His direction!

Joyful Mom said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say a quick hello. Your family is absolutely adorable. Love your heart for adoption:)

Adeye Salem

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