Mar 11, 2009

Obsessed with LAVENDER

I feel like Mrs. Meyer is my new special friend.
I have an obsession with lavender and she hooked a sister up!
I was blissfully happy when I looked at last months Natural Food Co-op catalog, it had a new section of Mrs. Meyer's products! I ordered three: window cleaner, counter cleaner and an all purpose cleaner.
With my Food
Co-op we have to order things by the, oh lavender 'casie-joy!'
Everyone wants to clean at my house. We have divided up the bottles into all the bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, with a few to spare. The house smells heavenly.
What a better way to welcome spring and to create new lavender addicts...


Anonymous said...

OOoooo! I LOVE lavender. I am going to plant some in my garden this year and God willing, let it spread.
I"ll have to see if I can find that brand.

Electric Daisy said...

I too LOVE lavender! I think it has something to do with it's soothing smell in the midst of our multi-child households...any soothing can help. I use the same products and also like them very much, but I get mine at my neighborhood Target.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

I love that one,theirs also a lemon one which I like alot.We are still waiting on news for when we get to sign our adoption agreement and get a court date.This is a very long process!

SocialWkr24/7 said...

Mmmm... Lavender!

PS - Please come stop by my blog - I just gave you an award!!

andrea said...

smells delicious and it's clean! a wonderful feeling!

A. said...

I adore lavender. I burn a little lavender essential oil at night in an attempt to usher in the sleepies. I sometimes blend it with lemon, rose, or even sandalwood.

If only I adored cleaning :)


The Red Thread Kids: said...

take your time, sweet kimmie. me, too. me too...

checkin in and checkin up on you and yours.

Love ya.

Renata said...

Lavender is my favourite also. I always use lavender oil in my homemade cleaning spray & also in the mop bucket when I mop the floor! Your co-op catalogue sounds great! Have fun cleaning!

mom said...

Ohhhh, I'm sad to say that whenever I get close to lavendar :::achooo::: my nose starts tickling and I get sneezy! Alas, different variations of the scent don't seem to make a difference :::achoo:::

But what a joy it is to see YOU blessed by sweet lavendar!

Tammy ~@~

Lavender said...

I have to agree - lavender is addictive! The smell is just intoxicating :)

Annie Chase said...

Do you have any knowledge as to how to get rid of canker sores?

Kimmie said...

Hi Annie;

A canker sore (inside mouth)...rinse with warm salt water. Avoid acidic foods, tomatoes, oj, just will aggrivate a canker sore. ouch.

A cold sore..outside mouth. They have several things over the counter that are meant to help the outbreak of the herpes virus. If you ask the pharmacisit...they can help you. (maybe even try googling it?)


"Indescribable" said...

Can't get enough LAVENDER!
Never liked it as a kid - but love it now - so soothing!

La Tea Dah said...

I love Mrs. Meyers Lavender products as well. They are 'what I use' around here! I discovered that the spray is simply water with 2 Tbsp. of all purpose cleaner added. Yeah! What a way to save $$$. Oh-la-la for lavender!


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