Sep 10, 2009

Imagine my Surprise!

Meet our kitty-cat *Kisbaba*,
who thought the baby's toy cupboard was a
dandy place to take an afternoon nap.


mom said...

LOL, Kimmie! Reminds me of a couple of cats I know :-)

Tammy ~@~

Sunday said...

Very cute Kimmie...good to read your blog and catch up. :)

God bless,


missy said...

cute post. cute kitty.

Amrita said...

She is a cute kissable kitty.

Baba in hindi slang means little baby.

Renata said...

Oh it must have been after some peace & quiet! Our cats have been known to nap in one of our hallway cupboards - can't blame them with the way they are carted around at times!

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