Mar 18, 2010

The Prayers of the Righteous

Last night my youngest son spoke the blessing before dinner.  I heard him say in the most sincere voice,

"Lord, thank you for our fund-raiser. That was great.  Father, we still need a little more money, okay?"   He also asked that God watch over our Ethiopian daughter and protect her until we can bring her home to our house.  He closed his most sincere prayer with, "in Jesus' name, amen!"

It looks like 4 weeks until we will need the rest of the $23,000 to bring our sweet girl home.  We continue to bend our knees and hearts toward God, who is able to answer our prayers.

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Lauren said...

praying for every cent to be provided!!! Understand just how you feel! :)

Renee said...

Have you contacted this organization?


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