Aug 16, 2010

Opening Up...You and Me

Okay, I have been sharing huge bits of my heart and what God has been doing as of late in those recesses.

I'd be remiss, if I didn't tell you that God has told me that I am being a bit hard on myself.  He has told me that He only said be friendly, not that I was never friendly or that I was a failure at being nice to others.

I would agree with the anonymous person who left the comment, that God is stirring me to reach out, so He can do a work in someone who needs a friend. (I wish you would have left your those anonymous comments leave me guessing!) Though I too am hoping to improve my friendships. 

So, tonight as I was pondering, reading and came this thought...let's share 5 things we like about us and what we have to give others (in friendship).

I'll go first, okay?

5 Things I Can Offer a Friend:

1. A listening ear

2.  A kind word

3.  Usually I can share something from God's Word that fits their situation.

4.  A cup of coffee or tea (within 3 minutes or less)
5.  A place on my sofa with a comfy pillow to lean on (and a case of tissue to use if necessary)

How about you? 
 (and I did find this hard, but I am trying to stretch as the Holy Spirit asks).


Saminda said...

What a wonderful (and challenging) exercise.
1. A peaceful home to relax in.
2. A listening ear (I'm not so good at providing solutions/answers, but always very happy to listen!)
3. A hug.
4. A kind note or email.
5. Loyalty.
:) xx

MaryKay said...

What I love about my friends...You know on Sunday, when in church, and there are people all over, and you aren't outgoing, so you are uncomfortable around all these people who you know but you don't feel like you can interupt their conversations, so you kind of stand there by yourself feeling really silly....THEN, I see my small group of close friends and it is warmth! I can step into their little circle and be welcomed and loved!

Annie Chase said...

1. a smile and a good hard laugh if they need it.
2. A hug. I love to hug.
3. my eyes. - I am a protector, so I keep my eye on my friends and do my best to look out for their good and protection.
4. Loyalty.
5. my time. - I will admit that at times I'm good at listening but other times I'm really pretty bad. But I know that I will always make time if a close friend of mine needs that time with me.

Anonymous said...

1. A hug
2. Respect
3. Encouragement
4. Prayer--on the spot
5. My time

Thank you for sharing your heart, Kimmie. My book should be here soon. My original order was canceled, but I ordered from another vendor.

Julie S.

Bird's Words said...

handwritten note
hand to hold
strawberry shortcake

Amrita said...

All of your points and my veggie and fruit produce.

My home if they want to stay for a few days.

Go shopping with them.

Tutor / babysit their kids (smile)

Expat Mom said...

Interesting exercise! Let's see . . .
I can offer:
1. A sympathetic and non-judgmental ear (I've been told I'm an excellent listener)
2. Solutions to problems if that's desired
3. Comfort food
4. Motivation (I'm pretty good at inspiring people to move)
5. Round the clock contact, I'm up most of the time and constantly checking my email! lol

Rob said...

Thats a very interesting question Kimmie. I reckon for a real genuine friend I would be prepared to give:
1) My life.
2) My respect.
3) My loyalty.
4) My time.
5) My forgiveness.
Having said that friendship is a two way thing of equal parts so maybe my answers above are asking to much of people and that is why my best friend is my dog because he gives all the above and more with ease.
All the best

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I learned in Texas that being friendly starts with just noticing someone. For instance, when standing in line, commenting on the person behind you earrings, or cute shirt. It is interesting how just that little bit of "noticing" can let friendliness begin, and sometimes grow. Ditto with the check out person. Just make a point to notice a person. (PS: I find that since I wear hats, people come up and talk to me all the time. I get to hear the most interesting stories!)

My favorite bit of friendliness is when I am venting and my friend laughs, which makes me laugh too.

Edige said...

Thank you for visiting me! I couldn't tell you what I feel browsing your blog. You are a wonderful person and a wonderful mama and all your children are fantastic...
Big Hug from Hungary,

mom said...

Can I do a ditto your list and add a hug, a smile, a word of encouragement, and my complete trust as I listen to a friend's heart?

Interesting that you've mentioned this friendship topic since I needed to gently talk to one of my daughter's yesterday about how she was talking and acting with a friend. I told her that a friend is someone so special to your heart that you want to bless them any way you can with your words and actions so that they can have no doubt that you love and care for them. How about that? :-)

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

5 things I can offer a friend:

1. A smile
2. A laugh
3. Hugs
4. Empathy
5. Help/Encouragement


p.s. Rob, You would make a great friend from your list!!!

Roselawn said...

I got the Friendship book in the mail today. Any idea when we are going to start the Blog Book Discussion and how we are going to do it?

Roselawn said...

And to leave my list of 5 things...

1. Compassion
2. Commitment
3. Active listenting
4. Hospitality
5. Humility

Debbie Doughty said...

This is a tough one. I'm a pretty good listener. I'm empathetic. Happy to pray for you. Optimistic. Happy to share my time and stuff (books, craft supplies, etc.)

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