Oct 31, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday!

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!

Do you want to join hearts together about something?  Leave me a note and we will carry your need together before our Father in heaven!

Have a wonderful week.  May God unlock the hidden treasure He has planted deep within your heart this week!


Roselawn said...

We have got to sell our house/B&B soon. Please pray that God sends the perfect family to buy our place!! I believe in the power of prayer!

Annie Chase said...

mama, I can't say why but please pray for me. I'm in a very tricky situation.
love you,

Greta Jo said...

Oh Kimmie- how are you? I have missed reading your blog. Love, love the photoshoot. Beautiful! I have so much to say but the timing is not right. However, would you please pray that our small 3 bedroom rancher will sell as our family is growing and growing ;)
Can I pray for you?

Bird's Words said...

Kimmie, I am burdened for our friends who are struggling in their marriage. She has accused him of infidelity, and there is no evidence. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I believe that she is being deceived by Satan to believe this, yet she is refusing to look at the truth at all. I confronted her yesterday about some things, and she is now refusing to talk to me also. I'm scared for her, to be quite honest. She is not talking rationally at all. She is refusing to go to cousneling, although he has already made an appointment for them. She says that she is finished with their marriage and is asking him to leave her and the kids. I'm praying GOd will loose the bonds that are holding her back and that He will restore them as a couple and individually. Please join me in praying against the evil forces that have taken hold of her heart. I'm so burdened for her!

Katie said...

Hi Kimmie!

Here's an update from my comment on last week's Prayer Request Sunday (forgive me... I commented on Tuesday last week, and today is Monday :-) :

We had the additional x-rays done, which showed a huge (7x4 cm) cyst inside my left upper femur. Because of the cyst being there inside the femur, the bone has become very fragile and dangerously thin. The doctors are worried about this, because it could fracture with hardly any instigation, thus I am on crutches. This has significantly reduced the pain! :) I had an MRI done on Friday morning but have yet to receive results. My physician and a local orthopedic doctor are quite sure it will require surgery to drain the cyst, then a bone graft (probably from the fibula) to rebuild the femur. I'm scheduled to see a specialist on Monday, Nov. 8th in a town 5 hours away. He'll look at the x-rays and MRI, and decide a course of action. If he wants to do surgery, he will do that Tuesday, Nov.9th or on the next Monday or Tuesday (15th or 16th).

Please keep me in your prayers. I feel so truly blessed by all the prayers and care I'm receiving already!

katie :)

Katie said...

Hi again!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog; I truly am so encouraged by all the prayer I'm receiving. God has been so kind to me, using many people to encourage me every step of the way! Thank you.

Yes, my spirits are high. With a God like ours, I wonder how they couldn't be. He is so good to me. I have not once become anxious, nervous, scared or worried about anything. This was all one 36 hour roller coaster for my family and me. I went into the doctor for hip muscle pain, and left with specialists and surgery! ;) But I have such a wonderful support system between family, church (wow... I pretty much cried my eyeballs out when they had my family come up front to pray for me!! I'm so blessed!), and amazing, wonderful friends and teammates.

Crutches aren't too bad so far. Last night my dad helped me decorate them with hot pink and rhinestones! I decided that since I'll be spending so much time on them before and after surgery, I might as well make them pretty! Haha :) It makes me happy just looking at them! :) School is trucking along, I suppose. Last week was difficult due to daily doctor appointments, but pray for me to have the diligence to recover from that this week and in the weeks to come.

Thank you again!

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