Oct 8, 2010

Princess Kimmie...a true life Tale

In an imaginary land, far-far away lives a girl who loves to sleep.  She so longs to lie her head upon her sweet little twin bed set and dream of all kinds of goodness through the wee hours of the night. But alas, the wicked evil dragon called *sinus infectionario* has kept her without such beauty rest for well over 3 months now. The Princess' summer slipped away and heavy is her princess~y little heart.

The Princess is down right sick of it and is ready to do battle!

Three months this poor Princess has taken umpteen medications, to help her poor sinus dry up and behave.  Alas, in a last ditch effort to enjoy the beautiful land she had been bestowed by the Kind King, she made a call to her very real doctor.  She begged for one more antibiotic to kill said evil dragon.  Said doctor agreed that this would be the last of the medications used to slay said evil dragon.  At $156.00 for 10 pinkish pills, the Princess nearly fainted dead away.  But realizing that perhaps this was the golden ticket to beauty sleep and to a returned sense of sanity, she began 3 days ago to take the new wonder medicine.  

Poor Princess, she doesn't do drugs.  They make her wired and she looses even more sleep than before.  But the Princess is determined to be in the land of Good and Plenty~and to enjoy it.  So she happily takes her pills, doesn't sleep so well in her little bed, but longs for the moment when she not only will breath again- but longs for the sense of smell and taste as well to return once again to her life.

The only happy part of the story so far, is said Princess is very thin.  Actually, said Princess' doctor said she was worried.  Said Princess said, "Ha!" to the doctor, as now she can actually wear all the Princess clothes she had outgrown with the last big feast, awaiting the adoption of 2 Princesses from Ethiopia joining the family. (we won't say the Princess put on adoption pregnancy weight...but one can imagine it, if one would like.)

Skinny pants, but no sense of smell and no appetite aren't so good.

(although the Knight seems to think said Princess is looking rather sharp, or so he has proclaimed to her in the quiet moments that once and awhile come.)

So please PRAY, 

because if this doesn't work (which the Princess is believing and hoping it will)...said Princess has to go to get a CAT scan at the hospital...and her insurance ain't what it used to be, so let's all believe that the wonder pills do their wonder and save the Princess (and her family) from any more suffering and sleepless nights.

Sorry posting has been so flat lately, it seems to come with the rather flat feeling Princess' life.  Hoping to be back to the sparkly happy Princess, full of love and life once again.  
Hopefully, the story will end in 7 more days...

and she LIVED happily ever after!


Bobbie-Jo said...

Yes, I will pray.

You do have such a creative flair, even while sick.

May He comfort you and restore your health!!

Beth said...

How awful! Have you ever used a netti pot? My entire extended family has had some serious sinus issues and they all swear by them now...so much so that my husband just got one a few weeks ago and he says he feels so much better. Maybe worth a shot if you haven't already. Feel better soon.

Expat Mom said...

Oh dear, I hope the pills work! No one deserves to be sick for so long, especially when there are little ones to be seen to.

Doreen said...

Hey Kimmie,

Just happened to check on you---I understand that sinus stuff --all too well.........anyway netti pot is a great natural remedy (about 15.00) at Walmart or drug store....My old nurse practioner gave me a homemade remedy ( which I know you love that kind of thing...) water about a pint- mix with about 1/2 teaspoon of salt and baking soda, about 1 tsp of corn syrup (clear kind) mix that all together - it will be clear and thin ( water-like) store in a jar --you can use a baby dropper or oral syringe ( I emptied out an old afrin bottle...) to put some up your nose ( gross...) I did this a couple times a day and it works super quick-also try running a vaporizer at night too--the neti pot is kind of the same principle and maybe more organized.....You know that I am the kind of nurse that hates medicine..... feel better --keep me posted if you have any questions--I miss you --love you lots ----Doreen

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling poorly. Praying for your return to health.

Anonymous said...

Princess Kimmie needs a magic lamp filled with healing and soothing warm saline... a Neti Pot! Yes, you will feel as if someone is drowining you in the ocean, but it will bring release and relief to your sinuses. I awoke in my bedchamber this morning with a similar situation and my Prince Valiant said the two magic words to me, too... "Neti Pot."
I hope you get well soon!

Adina said...

Sorry to hear you are dealing with sickness and that it has been for so long. I will keep you in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Definitely praying for you Kimmie. I agree with Doreen, the netti pot works wonders. I used to get sinus infections at least 2x a year before I started using one a couple of years ago.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Two things . . . an allergen pillow protector (easily purchased from Wal*mart and other places) AND Emergen-C in large doses (available at Wal*mart and Krogers and such)

And if you get really desperate, stay away from dairy products 100% for a few weeks . . . and try Nature's Sunshine ALJ vegi tabs. I'll happily talk with you about any of the above. I used to live in the Land of Misery and Allergies that Will Not Let You Sleep . . . OH YES--no more scented laundry products. . .

Feel better SOON!

Amie said...

Love that :)

Cathy said...

Poor Princess. I pray God directs and heals you.

My husband had awful sinus infections. You're probably already using it, but the thing that helped a ton are the sinus rinses. NeilMed makes a preservative free one with a bottle and a ton of packs. Same idea as that netti pot.

That helped him a ton. But...my husband was fortunate enough to get a referral from my daughter's urologist of all people (that was a God thing - his primary wouldn't refer him) to the Ear Nose Throat people and ended up getting surgery to both remove his swollen tonsels and fix a deviated septum (the cartilege that seperates the nasal passages) all in the one surgery. He hasn't had a full blown sinus infection since. I hear you on the health insurance...I don't think anyone has great health insurance nowadays...it's just getting so stinking expensive.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Kimmie-I do hope the netti pot helps, and I also know that sinus issues are just awful and awful tricky to fix. Praying for you, for wisdom and healing.

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