Mar 9, 2011

Ethiopian Orphans Need OUR Help

We have got word (not rumor) 
that adoption to Ethiopia is in trouble.

Our agency, All God's Children International has asked us to rally the troops to action.  The orphans need our help or they face the reality of hope for no future, no dream of adoption to come for them. 

My daughter shared with us that for 3 months there was NO food for the 54 orphans in her orphanage.  They got one small piece of injera (a flat sour-dough bread) that they would divide into three meals.  They cried out to God to please send help to them, their need was desperate, it was real. She lived in an orphanage for 5 years, she cried out daily for God to bring her a family.  God heard their prayers and sent a woman to help them, she began to find them homes and families...
and this is my testimony;
that I am one of those homes that she found. 

Won't you sign the petition ,
aimed at Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi.
We are urging him to reconsider the recent decisions made on behalf of the orphans of Ethiopia.  

I love this country,
I love these people,
my heart cries desperately for the orphans.
Let our voices be heard,
please share this very real need with your readers (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs...)
so that we can get 250,000 signatures before March 12th.  

We have to take action...won't you join us?
And would you please pray that adoption would not be stamped out of Ethiopia, as it has in so many other countries.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Sarah said...

Praying. Standing. Signing. Shouting. along with you.

For a generation,

Leslie said...

What a heart wrenching turn of events. I've signed the petition and shared it with others, urging them to do the same. I pray that this doesn't come to fruition.

Stace said...


Renata said...

Praying Kimmie - this is terrible news. I'm not sure if I can sign (being from Australia), but I'm going to see if I can!
Love to you

Debbie Doughty said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kimmie. Signed, emailed, and posted on FB. I'll be praying, too.

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