Apr 9, 2011

Feasting on His Goodness
(my journal of thanks to God)

21.  for a 7 year old son who upon seeing his 2 year old says, 
"Come give me a hug.  You are fabulous today!"

22.  for new insight in His Word. 
I just finished reading the book of Ruth in my Chronological Bible study plan. 
And I just realized that Ruth might have had infertility...
her first marriage gave her no children
and upon later marrying Boaz, God allowed her to conceive.
As a girl who has had infertility this caught my breath.

22.  for a chance to go to breakfast with my sister.

23.  for spring peepers that are singing now through the night.

24.  for the blessing of my brother and sister-in-law taking us out to dinner to a cute little restaurant that had a couple of vegetarian choices on the menu.

25.  for having thoroughly enjoyed having a two year old...tomorrow she turns 3!

26.  for having trust that He holds my future.

27.  being thankful that He doesn't allow me to see beyond today.

28.  for finding some pictures of Hunter on my camera.  And realizing just how much I miss him.

29.  for a sweet card from my sister-in-law saying she was so sorry about us having to put Hunter down.

30.  for coffee- I like mine with whole milk that has been frothed!
(I love strong hot coffee best!)


mom said...

All wonderful praises, Kimmie! My heart particularly smiled about your spring peepers. How I long to hear them again! Soon, I keep telling myself, soon this snow will be gone and they will return with spring :-)


Renata said...

Lovely list Kimmie! I've been thinking of you guys! It's hard to believe that your baby is going to be 3 - that means she's been home for over 2 years now (is that correct?)

You asked about home school camp on my blog - it's required by the govenment for the people registered through Australian Christian College in NSW - I must admit at times I find these requirements frustrating, but the children always have a wonderful time & I usually do as well - I've come home completely exhausted though - praying for energy just to get through this next week of school before our holidays begin.

Hope you have a wonderful week

Expat Mom said...

I've had that happen to me with sourdough starter, but never with my sprouted grains! :D The bread looks awesome though and if your kids are anything like mine, five loaves was still not enough!

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