May 14, 2011

Feasting on His Goodness!

My thank offering to the Lord...
won't you join me?

71.  for the LOUD purr that comes when I nurse my wee gifts from Jesus
(see above photo)

72.  For waking up this morning to a clean kitchen
  ~that my Knight blessed me with 
(I went to bed last night at 7:00 pm, due to the sinus infection I am suffering from).

73.  For my time daily with Jesus  
(He is teaching me so much).

74. For the Internet and its ability to help me study God's word.

75. For pajama pants...comfy and so good!
76.  For a daughter that wants to spend the morning with me at Savers...
as she has a 30% coupon off all purchased today we are off on a date

...after a great night sleep
(bring on the deals!)

77.  For 3 weeks without meeting up with my friends...
(Jesus and Me is the reason)

but the fact that 2 of them have taken the time to check on me.

78.  For my Ethiopian Church 

On Mother's Day they ordered a huge cake~dedicated to the Mothers.
Pastor Robel gathered the Mothers around the cake and prayed over us...
He thanked us for blessing Him in how we raise our children for God
...and how it blesses His heart to be a part of our families.

He then pulled me out of our group and honored me before all the families. 
He asked me to cut the beautiful cake-
and spoke his words of love over my life and my family. 
How blessed I am.  

And HOW healing is this church to my heart.
thank you JESUS!

79.  For the first lawn mowing of the year and the smell of freshly cut grass!

80.  For healing in my heart 
 that is happening because of my time with Jesus

Jesus is bringing healing to my broken heart and spirit,
and bringing me back to a place where I can minister to others again.


Annie Chase said...

I'm so glad to hear this!
Praying for you.

Shonni said...

Amen Kimmie. Praying that your time with the LORD continues to fill you more and more with Him and His love.

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, sorry to hear you have a sinus infection, it can't be very nice for you so hope you are better soon.

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