Jun 9, 2011

My Prophetic Dream

I learned a lot during my Jesus and Me time last month, 
but I think the Holy Spirit summed it all up for me in a dream right at the
end of my dedicated sabbatical with Him.  

I don't know if God has spoken to you in dreams, but since I was a very young girl I have had dreams and visions fairly regularly from God.  I always know when it is a dream from God, because it is extra vivid and though I awake all the details remain etched into my being for long periods of time. I can't shake it even if I wanted to.  It makes me come before Him with the dream and its images, so that He can give me the interpretation.  Sometimes the interpretation comes quickly, sometimes it is weeks later that suddenly I *KNOW* what it was that He was giving me through the particular dream.

Dreams are one way that God speaks to us and gives us understanding and vision for our lives.

The dream I had goes like this:

A friend comes to take me out on a day trip.  He says he knows of a place I will just love.  He drives me to an old college town.  Upon entering the town we turn right and drive through the quaint old village (from 1800's).  The houses are all restored and quite lovely. 

It happens to be a Saturday and the whole village is having tag sales.  We drive by many and stop finally at the edge of the town.  Up on a hill is a beautiful old white house.  It sits on the hill and it is HUGE.  It is in wonderful condition, though it could use a fresh coat of paint.  The hill/yard is strewn with rows and rows of items that were dragged out of the house and set up for the tag sale.  The yard is large and well cared for, it looks down over the town.

My friend and I begin poking through the rows.  There are many lovely things for sale and most of them interest me.  The prices are very good, but though I look at each thing, I keep saying that I really don't need it.  However, I continue to eagerly look through all the rows, winding to the North side of the house and boxes and boxes of books (that I LOVE!).  I am having such a nice day.

The old man that owns the house is also wandering around the yard.  He is fixing things and reordering the things that are being offered.  I sense that I know him somehow, though I have never been to this town before (and really have never even heard of it, though it wasn't a very long drive with my friend).  

I see a sewing machine.  It is older and it is for a serious seamstress.  I ponder it, but realize it isn't something I NEED, though I would like it. 

The man invites me into his house.  It has more rows of items, but many are old vintage appliances.  

The house is huge.  It has beautiful details, old wood floors and lots of potential.  As I continue to look through the old appliances the man's wife suddenly appears.  She is old and bent over.  He begins to tell me that whatever I am interested we can make a deal.  He lets me look all around and I begin to think that I would actually like to own this house.  

He then comes and tells me that he would like to sell the house too (as if he read my mind or if he somehow chose me to be the next owner).  He says he is too old to care for it; he and his wife need to pass it on.  

Suddenly I begin to look around as if I might buy it.  I have already seen the yard, but didn't look with eyes that wanted to own it.  I go to the north (front) side of the house and look out the window.  Immediately I see down the hill from where I stood looking at the books and sewing machine.  Now however I see that across the street are three abandoned houses.  They stand shoulder to shoulder with no yards between them.  I think I no longer want this house.  I don't like the view or the possibility of having to see poverty-neglect- abandonment from my front windows.

The owner leads me over to the west windows.  I am standing in a new room, a porch.  I look down the steep hill and see beautiful landscaping and the road which is a developed town with shops/businesses.  The owner tells me that this side of the yard is cared for by the business' below, though it is mine.  The care for the steep hill and the many bushes that are perfectly groomed will not be my responsibility.  I have already seen the east and south side, which is perfect and makes my heart sing.

The owner tells me that the whole town has been restored and has new life.  However the last three houses remain to the front yard, soon these too will get a renovation and a total makeover.  He wants me to take the house, trusting that in time it will be finished to my joy.

I really love the house!

I think of how light and bright the house is.  How my family would love this huge old house and how we could do the simple painting to make it perfect.  

Suddenly my friend is there again next to me.  He begins to tell me to decide which of the appliances I would like to keep, that are lining the main living room space currently.   There are many (less than 10).  He makes me look inside of them.  They are clean and all working.  Certainly they would be useful with such a large house and with my big family. 

Suddenly before me is a brand new fancy refrigerator in front of me.  I open it and it is gleaming.  It is filled with fresh oranges and orange juice.  The machine makes orange juice and dispenses it fresh continually. My friend tells me to take a big drink.  I do.  It is good.  I am excited and thankful.
My friend tells me he has arranged for this to be mine (they will remove all the things that aren't needed or wanted...making it nothing but perfect for me and my family).

I wake up.

my next post will be the interpretation of this dream.


Anonymous said...

interesting... and so detailed! I can't wait to hear what the Lord told you through this dream. I really believe that you have a healthy perspective on dreams and that the Lord can and does use them to impress things upon our hearts. I do also believe, as you do, that there is a huge difference between a God dream and a Pizza dream ~LOL

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, When I was in my mid 20s I was watching a show on TV whilst waiting for my dinner and the presenter of the show said something that changed my life and my outlook on life, I am where I am today because of those words, I've always viewed them as words from God spoken by an angel.

Anonymous said...

Oh! The anticipation will occupy more of my mind than I would like ;) I will be eagerly awaiting...(foot-tap, foot-tap, foot-tap)

~Julie S.

mom said...

Ohhhhhh, I can't wait to hear the next part! There's so many fascinating details you've shared, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

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