Oct 6, 2011

Love Israel? A Virtual Tour of Israel


I was blessed by a sweet Jewish friend of mine with a link to this awesome website of virtual 3D tours of Israel. It is worth your time (especially if you love Israel), to go on these virtual tours of the Holy Land.

My kids and I enjoyed an afternoon visit to the Holy Land yesterday. It was an affordable and fast trip to a place where our hearts run free and our imagination is filled with days gone by, where Bible stories come to life!

  Hope you can find time to gather *yours* up and venture together to the land where Jesus walked...


Renata said...

Thanks so much for the link ~ My children would certainly enjoy it ( as would I).

Nathalie said...

Thanks Kimmie, for the note on my blog! Yeah, I think we're kindred spirits! LOVE your heart, too!
My last trip back home from Africa took me a total of 57 hours... it was wild.

Barclay Hurley said...

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Israel tours

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