Oct 10, 2011

A Word from Heaven (training our childen)

when your child has a rebellious spirit, 
but your prayer is heard in heaven...

I have shared over the past weeks that one of mine has been walking on the edge of a bitter spirit and a hard heart towards God and His Kingdom.  My heart has been battling for her and many a night has my soul been overcome with tears.

Yesterday God showed me something He spoke over my life many years ago,
when I was but the mother of two.  

My labor being this work He has called me to, mothering many.  I have poured myself out in this calling.  I take my mission to heart and daily work to train my children in the Way they are to go.  Early on we anoint our children to Him, we dedicate their lives into His loving hands.  We ask that they would know Him early (receive Him as Lord and Saviour of their lives) and would never walk a day apart from Him.

The good news is that there is a promise here for me in Psalm 128 (and for you too!)  I can trust that I will enjoy this task that I labor at...which is my children in right relationship with Him (and with us). My work is not in vain, but will produce good fruit.  I am not going to be discouraged, even when it seems that still there is so much to do, instead I will continue to battle (by prayer) for her heart and will lay my heart firmly on His promises to me.

the devil wants us to be discouraged. 
he wants us to quit and throw up our hands.
  he is a liar and we need not lock onto anything he tries to convince us of.  
he is the enemy of our souls (our minds, our will and our emotions).

I WILL benefit from the fruit of my labor...I will see all of my children walking with undivided hearts before their Lord and their God.  How thankful I am that His Word ministers to us, that it is active and alive.  Sharing this in hopes that it ministers deeply to your heart too.


Karen said...

Love the family photo!

And a wonderful post. I once heard that "discouragement is the devil's calling card." Thanks for the encouragement!

Julia said...

Thanks for the great word of encouragement, Kimmie!


mom said...

Keep abiding in the vine (John 15) and you will bear much fruit, my dear friend!

Tammy ~@~

"Indescribable" said...

Gorgeous family photo!

Love your heart and strength!

Julie said...

I needed to read this today Kimmy. Thank you so much for sharing.


MommaMindy said...

Thanks for the timely encouragement. Been desiring to renew my heart and mind in Christ Jesus in reference to my parenting, so this is good.

I've noticed through the years that bitterness can take root because of deception. We learned to pray that the Lord would reveal where Satan had deceived our child about us, God's Word and/or God's Son.

May the Lord grant you sweet victory in Jesus as you labor as a joyful mother of children.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I "found" you on Momma Mindy's blog (she such is a beautiful person, and decided to hop on over.

Thank you for the words of encouragement in this post. I struggle daily with my job as a mom to 4 little ones. Am I doing a good job? What was God thinking when he gave me these kidlets? Are these battles ever going to be won?...Your words lifted my spirit today.

Stace said...

Amen and amen!

Renata said...

Thank you for this ~ I know my children are still young, but I sometimes get discouraged because one in particular doesn't want to join in at devotions like the rest do & he tends to want to joke around & distract the others!
You're doing a wonderful job & as parents all we can do is point & pray ~ ultimately it's between them & God ( but I tell you I'll wear out these knees praying in the meantime).

PS Love the photo~ you have a beautiful family!

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