Nov 30, 2011

Ministering to Strangers (part two)

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I was pretty mad at myself for not remembering the girl's name.  I kept asking the Holy Spirit to bring it to me, as it is much nicer to know someones name than to have to ask them again for it.  I desired to meet her again and to minister to her heart as God led.  I apologized to the Lord for not getting it the first time.

I was sitting in church the following Wednesday night, as I am worshiping the Holy Spirit says to me,
"Ask the woman behind you where she works.  Ask her if she works at Crestfield Nursing Home."  

'WEIRD,' is what I think, as this is where my box girl works.  I haven't a clue where the woman behind me works, but I know her name.  After service she has gone up front for prayer, but her teenage daughter is still sitting in their seats.  I feel the Lord pressing me to ask her.  I go between excited and nervous as I decide what it is I am going to do here.

I turn around and ask her, "Does your mother work at Crestfield?"

She smiles and says, "Yes."

I am in awe.  I begin to tell this teen the story of my box girl and what the Holy Spirit did last week with her and I.  The teen tries to think if she knows the girl I am talking about.  She starts rattling off possible names, it turns out that her mother is the supervisor who trains all nurses aids on this shift, sometimes Jennifer goes along too.   I thank her and tell her that I will talk to her mother when she returns, as none of the names ring a bell with my heart.

Can you imagine this woman's surprise as I tell her that the Lord told me where she worked and it was all about finding out this girl's name (which happens to be Robin).  She began sharing about her and what a sweet young woman she is.  How things are pretty hard for her and her husband, due to finances.  She thinks her husband lost his job last year and hasn't found a new one yet.  She mentions he is Goth.  I am not really sure what this means, other than I know they dress in black and like a particular style of music.

I am excited about seeing Robin again.  Excited because God continues to amaze me at how He handles details, especially when we come to Him seeking.  I am eager to see how He ministers to her heart and am praying that if she doesn't know Him, that she and her husband will shortly be introduced to Jesus.  

Would you pray?  I don't want to minister out of my thoughts, but out of His wisdom.  I don't want to offend her, but to draw her into His arms.  I want her to know, more than anything that she is deeply loved.  The Father has told me He has spoken the word, "Chosen" over her. I see it hanging, as a necklace, around her neck.

He knows all the details of their hearts and He cares a great deal about them.  I will keep you posted.  If you are willing to pray for Robin, would you let me know?  I plan on giving her a ride home tomorrow...or maybe today if I can work out the details.


LeAnn said...

Praying with you!

MommaMindy said...

You are so sweet. I love that you listen and obey that still small voice of the Lord. I will be praying!

Stacy said...


As in: eyes-wide, amazed WOW at the specificity of our Lord. I love Him. I love you!

Praying for Robin...

Kathy C. said...

Wow. Isn't God amazing. I am a Baptist. God has to use a 2x4 to get us to hear him : )

Kathy said...


Anonymous said...

Praying for Robin!!!
~ Camee

Bird's Words said...

i am absolutely praying for Robin and you as well, as you minister His Grace to her!

Krista said...

Praying for you sweet friend as your offer the gift of unconconditional love and friendship tor another!

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