Nov 12, 2011

Where AM I?

Sorry to have disappeared for so long, but
Things got rather crazy at our place:

got a new dog!  
Her name is Ruby...her owner died, she ended up in the pound.  
The owner's best friend retrieved her
(but he already has 3 big dogs) he thought to bless us...

we had a visit for 10 days from our oldest daughter's courtin' fellow
(who is in the Air Force stationed now in Washington State)

we had a major snowstorm that left us without power for 8 days

we left for holiday whilest the lights were still out in the homestead

we ventured to Maryland for a week
-a free vacation due to a previous vacation where we had been vandilized 
and then given a week anywhere for a *real* vacation
we missed our oldest terribly, she had exams and couldn't join us.
thankfully I just got texting ability and
we were able to write love notes back and forth to each other daily

we are currently unpacking and cleaning up the trees
we lost during the freak natural disaster that struck our state

this is the second time this year that we left for a holiday
while we were totally powerless (not liking this new trend at all!)

Hope to have time to share more...
how are things in your end of the world?


MommaMindy said...

Welcome back, beautiful, you were missed! Thankful you had a good visit with the "beau" and a good vacation.

We also have a new "beau" around our house,for child #3. It's so fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Leslie said...

So glad to see you back to blogging. I was just thinking about you and your family the other day. I have to admit that my curiosity is a bit peaked, having an AF hubby and being stationed in WA state ourselves, about what base this courting fellow is stationed at. There're only two in the state, the one we're at, and the one at the opposite end of state. :)

mom said...

Welcome back, Kimmie! It's sooo good to *see* you and get caught up a bit :-)

Tammy ~@~

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Oh, those pictures take me back 15+ years to when I was deeply and madly in love with my own Airman ;)...who tricked me and is now a soldier...but I love him more madly and deeper than ever. That uniform does it every time. If your daughter ever wants to talk to someone about military wife life, I'd be honored.

Kimmie said...

Hi Leslie;

Well he just got there last Friday ...stationed in Tacoma (is that where you are?)


ps...he is so happy his supervisor for work (structural engineering a Christian!!) He loves his new housing (has a loft), loves the trees...hoping to check out the church on base (he has no car yet, but just bought a bike). We are happy he is happy...the last three places wasn't so much.

Isabella Kiss said...

Joint Base Lewis- McChord is the base he is on.
love, Bella

Leslie said...

I emailed you, Kimmie. He's at the same base we're at. :)

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