Nov 13, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday

Hunkering down and ready to pray...
after several weeks of the unusual here (see yesterdays post)
I am ready to settle back into a more normal mode
-so prayer it is!

Would you like prayer? 
How are things in your life?  

from my heart:

 stepping out and trusting God, we are shortly entering into a new land with our church body.  normally i feel like i am pretty good about trusting God, but today my pastor asked us what kept us from ALWAYs trusting God.  Like those times that we don't come immediately to Him, but try to work it out by our own strength. i realized that oft times i do this because i think i can manage control of the situation.  i know, tsk-tsk kimmie.

in this new church community, that we will be building inside our body of believers,  we will be walking on new ground.   ground that hopefully leads us into deeper more meaningful relationships with each other.  honestly, we have been suffering from lack of love and severe surface-y relationships.  hopefully with all the changes, we will get to the heart of God's command; to really LOVE each OTHER.
that was it's your turn!


Alice said...

We have been gearing up to adopt for a while now... job changes and moves to qualify. Then we thought we would never pass a home study here where we live now but are thinking that maybe just maybe this was not the case. We are making some calls tomorrow to find out if it is even possible. If we can pass (the housing is our issue) we are going to go forward with an international adoption from Uganda... that is the plan anyway. Please pray for God's guidance and that we walk HIS path. Thanks Kimmie :)

Kimmie said...

Praying Alice...excited for what God has for you!!


MommaMindy said...

Thank you for praying, Kimmie, I think this is amazing that you serve people in such a beautiful way. Giving your prayer, your faith and your support without asking anything in return.

Please pray for the Innocent Man, a Christian falsely accused of a crime and looking at 60 years in jail. New evidence of innocence has been found and we have to ask the judge at a hearing Dec. 2nd if he will accept it into evidence. We'e praying the case gets excused. That is really what we need for all involved. Thank you so much for praying, this has been very, very heavy on my heart since last Feb. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am adding you to my morning prayer list!

My prayer request is for the families of returning soldiers. It is such a joyous yet stressful times. Sometimes the re-integration into family life is the hardest part of deployment. We have a troop returning the next few weeks, and their families are gearing up for the excitement of holidays together. Also, this is statistically the most dangerous times in missions. Soldiers get distracted and let up their gaurds, knowing their return home is so soon....

mom said...

Kimmie, it sounds like you have a good stretching of faith ahead for you! May God bless you abundantly with HIS LOVE to overflow into the lives of others because we all know how hard that is to do on our own sometimes, eh?

Tammy ~@~

covnitkepr1 said...

Love the words in your profile. Love anyone that loves my Savior as well.
Just checking back to see if you have posted again.
Hope you'll follow me as well.

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