Jan 22, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday

Gathering up prayer requests...
do you have any?

Sharing my heart:

I found out yesterday that my beloved Picnik (photo editing site) is closing down as of April 19th. 

I am heartbroken, as it was a source of such joy for me over the past several years. I found it a release of the pent up artist inside of me.  I loved tinkering with their program and truly loved it.  Oh how sad I am.

Prior to using Picnik Premium, I dabbled with Photoshop Elements.  I didn't enjoy using the Elements program, because honestly I just couldn't figure it out.  Back then I had a friend who tried to walk me through it, but even then it was a huge struggle to end up with what I wanted.

Would you pray that I would be able to find some other program before this online one is no more? Something that will let me use the artistic side that God has blessed me with, but one that won't rob me of hours of time.

And just so you know, when my 20 year old daughter told me yesterday I cried. Yes, I know that there are far more terrible things that people go through, but this is like losing a dear friend whom I love.  

I pondered closing up my blog, as most of my pictures get a few moments being tweaked before their deposit here. It makes blogging more fun for me.

I am in prayer asking God if my time is up...perhaps? 

Or maybe in His love and mercy He will send me a Photoshop mentor (knowing instruction manuals don't really work for my visual artistic learning style.)


Annie Chase said...

picasa. I would look into picasa for sure. It may bot be as EASY as picnic but its more simple than photoshop for sure!

best of all its free to download and it can hold all your pictures in it for easy editing. no uploading pictures to picnic…. AND it works directly with blogger to post your pictures :)

"Indescribable" said...

my cousin is offering an on line live session (for a fee- she's raising funds for her Rwanda adoption through AGCI by the way;-), it's called Lightroom or something like that- I'll pass the info if your interested.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the little princess from "The King and I" who, at the end of the movie when the king is dying and Anna is getting ready to leave; recites a heartfelt (and adorable) plea for Anna to stay and continue teaching them.
Oh, Kimmie, I know you do not even know me but I have been reading your blog faithfully since before Princess Mercy came home. I am sorry I do not comment, but you never fail to inspire me, to encourage me, to challenge me, to remind me of what is true and right, and what He says about each of us who call Him Lord.
I would truly miss your blog if you stopped! I hope you will find a way to edit your photos that allows you to feel satisfied with your time spent here. Thank you for more blessings than I could ever tell you! In His Service, Karen ~smile~

Kimmie said...

Dear Sweet Karen;

what a balm to my heart your kind loving words are. Bless you for stopping and speaking them to my heart. Thank you for encouraging me to press forward.

I enjoy the relationships that blogging has brought. I love sharing my heart in hopes that God uses my words/life to encourage others to press into Him.

However, the photography with photo editing has been an uncovered joy for me, especially as most of my life revolves around mothering, training, and such. I can't begin to tell you how much of a thrill it gives me to create through photo editing.

I am in prayer. Praying God shows me a way that will be as much (if not more) of a blessing as Picnik was to my heart. Certainly God can do amazing things when we submit our hearts concerns into His hands.

thank you again for building up my spirit and encouraging me that I am being used.


and yeah for you coming out of silence to comment!!!! you must have the gift of encouragement...maybe you want to use it more!! ;-) just saying ;}


Kimmie said...


I think Lightroom is a program you buy. As I haven't decided what to do yet, I am not sure that would help me. Let me look more into Lightroom and get back to you.

thanks (and Yeah that you've influenced your cousin to adopt!!)
Does she have a blog?


Robin said...

I asked my DH, and he recommended getpaint.net. Gimp is another program that is free, but probably more complicated, like photoshop. Hopefully one of those or picasa will do what you need. Please keep blogging!

Kimmie said...

thanks Robin...what a sweetheart you are for going the extra and asking your DH for me.


Renee said...

Oh, please don't stop blogging. I love your sweet heart and your family.

Jo's Corner said...

Dear Kimmie ~ I feel like I know your heart through reading your blog. I can't imagine that the loss of a website could keep you from sharing Him and all He has done in your life. You have way too much talent and knowledge to just stop! Honestly, Picasa is pretty much the same as Picnik! Don't let the dev*l steal your joy!! Hugs ~ Jo

Jo's Corner said...

Me, again! : ) I JUST found THIS on the Picnik site:

Take heed! Picnik is closing this April!

Picnik is MOVING its easy yet powerful photo editing tools TO GOOGLE+. But Picnik doesn't end until our last day of April 19, 2012.

So it will still be available, on a different program!

Erin said...

Thought of you today when I saw this:
:) Erin

Kimmie said...

Sweet Sweet Erin!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...you made my day!!

I tried to respond to you...but your email is not activated (I get a no respond address).

Thanks for thinking of me. What a sweet gift for today to my heart!


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