Jan 28, 2013

Praying For America (Moving Mountains Monday)

Ready, set, Go!

Or Ready, Fire, Aim! 

 (yes, I know it normally is ready, aim, fire...
 but as  activated Christians we are empowered,
 so thinking the order needs to be regrouped!)

Let's pray for America.

Today I am focusing the lens down a little, over the past weeks we have had a pretty broad lens and our aim has been on our President first and foremost.  Feeling led to change it up for today and pray for our families as Believers and Followers of Jesus.  And also to include all the other American Believers...
ready, fire, aim!


Lord we know You are good and that Your love endures forever.  We come today, as You have drawn us and invited us to be part of Your Family business.  Thank You for the opportunity to serve You in this praying for America: Moving Mountains Monday's. 

 You love not only us, but You care about America and the people that call themselves Americans. 

 Today Lord we lift up our families to You.  We ask that You strengthen us, fill us, speak to us and use us (all) for your purposes.

  Let it begin with us Lord. 

 Help us to take it into our churches, Lord into YOUR churches.  Help us to be the Church.  Help us to teach our children to serve You. Help us to teach them by our words and by our actions.  Lord, last night as I was looking at some old study notes, I saw something that really touched my heart.  It said that when we stand before You, it is not our words that will count, but our actions. 

 Lord, help us be moved to action.

Bless us, teach us, reform us, change us, use us and let it effect our families, our churches, our communities,
our love
and all of our actions.  

Let us be Kingdom builders and God seekers.  Let change start in our hearts and move to our hands and feet.

 Bless America Lord, do it to make Your name greater and to reach and save the lost.

Come Holy Spirit and have Your way. 
 Be glorified.
in Jesus' name we pray.


Rhonda said...

Last week (on Monday), when I went (late) to pray after reading your post and being reminded, I was again lead to pray for families too, and especially family heads. I started to pray for my uncle in particular who is away from Jesus...believed long ago, but bitterly says he no longer believes. (I don't believe him). So, as I prayed for our family heads and then for him in particular, I asked the Lord if I was on the right track and to confirm it for me, even maybe have my uncle call me (my uncle started calling me 5 years ago when my dad passed away; usually a time or two a month). My uncle called me that very minute...that very half minute actually, after I asked. I felt God's pleasure in my prayers and His willingness to lead and answer us!

I love to pray with all of you on Mondays!

Kimmie said...

Sweet Rhonda!

Thank you so much for sharing that. How cool that God confirmed it for you right away! Love that He is telling you (and us) that He is listening and working as we pray. Believing He is hearing about our country too...otherwise what are we doing here today?
Still praying for your Uncle with you...can't wait to hear what God is doing in his heart. God is good.

Go team God!


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