Mar 2, 2013

A Strange Kind of Happiness

Sometimes happiness comes unexpected.  It can sneak up when one is unexpecting any such surprise from occuring.  I know because it happened to me today.  There I was standing over a frying pan carefully eyeing some eggs that I was waiting on, when my 11 year old daughter stood next to me holding a pair of my new dark wash jeans.

"Are these yours?" she asked rather unsure.

"Yes, they were in the dryer with the boys' stuff."

"Oh, well Princess Sunshine (age 14) tried them on and they fit her.  She wants to know if she can wear them to church tomorrow."  

There I stood not quite believing what I was hearing.  REALLY, my fourteen year old wants to wear my new skinny jeans?  I laughed and told her to relay that they were 'not being shared quite yet,' as they were brand new. 

 Some of you know how that goes, 
Mama is the last one to get something new, so the wait is usually quite long.

Then I realized that something good had happened...
something that puts a jig into your step and a hop to your walk...
not bad for a Mama of 8,
and a girl who has been married for 26 years!

Today if you bump into me you might notice me smiling,
 at unusual moments, 
sometimes that happens
 and today is one of those days!

And someone might be a bit sad that Mama said, "No!"


Anonymous said...

Celebrating with you!!

I couldn't help but think of this commercial...

~Julie S.

mom said...

SWEET, Kimmie! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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