May 22, 2014

Making A Fortress

How often in life do we put walls up, trying to protect our hearts. It might begin as a mini-fortress of self protection, but it ends up being more like a prison that we are entrapped in.

  How often do we forget that we put those walls up.  We then begin to wonder why life isn't going so well. The fortress of our heart can be penetrated.  The fortress can be removed, but not in our own strength.

I challenge you today to give your heart a good checking.  See if you don't have protective walls in place that need to be taken down.  If after you ask God to search you, you discover that indeed there are 'walls' that need to be removed, then ask God to forgive you and help you to break them down.

Originally the box we put our self in seems like such a great idea, but walls always manage to keep out so many other things, besides the things that were hurting us.  They keep out people who might just be the one God sent to minister to our lives.  They keep out blessings that are trying to reach us, but can't because the walls divide us from them.  They keep out God's joy, which indeed is our strength, because walls or things that keep us separated don't allow joy to rule or reign. 

 His strength (and joy) come as we trust Him.  As we open up our hearts (and fortress) before Him and allow Him to bring us to new understanding of where our strength and protection must come from.  If we chose to be our own fortress, He will allow us that option, but it means that we forgo His strength and joy.

As children we enjoy a mini-fortress made of cardboard and paint, but as children- sons and daughters of the Most High God, we must realize that this is not the way in which we should live our lives out as His children.  

May today be the day that God helps you to break free and live with a new sense of joy and strength in Him.
After all the Word says that no weapon formed against us can prosper,
 I double dog dare you to let the 'fortress go!'

1 comment:

Mindy said...

This is so beautiful and so true! I know I have walls and I know why I built them. And I also know they aren't working so well. Thanks for sharing your heart. You are such an inspiration.

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