Jul 4, 2014

To Have Loved and Lost

Oh Trinkilo!  
Sweet Trinkilo.

You showed up as such a surprise at such an unexpected moment.  
A blessing for my soon to be "out of the nest" daughter.  She loved you, you were precious to her.  She cared for you, like I imagine any good mother would.

But we didn't know, nor did we expect that your kitty life would be so short. 

 For the first few weeks you grew up under my roof, as my daughter had.  Then as she packed up her belongings to begin her new life across the country with her beloved Air Force husband.  She packed you up and carried you along with her most valued things.  

I heard how many adventures you had that first year.  How full of life you were and how much more they loved you.  Funny how you think you have hit the love peak, only to find out there is still more to grow in it.  Grow they did.  Grow we all did in love with you. 

 My first little fur grand baby, you will be greatly missed. 

 I will remember you full of life, jumping at the laser dot on the wall, as your Air Force Daddy gave you a bit of exercise in the evening.  I will remember all the photos that I got from your proud Mama, who tried to keep me well posted on your daily doings on McChord Air Force Base in Washington state.

You were loved until your very last here upon this earth.  
You will continue to be loved in our hearts forever.


Kathy C. said...

Aww. Poor sweet kitty.

Lisa said...

Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

Tammy said...

She looks so much like our cat, Kimmie. Sad to hear of the loss....

Tammy ~@~

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