Jul 1, 2014

A Fun and Educational Learning Program!!!!

Several weeks back, before the finishing of another school year, (end of year 18 of homeschooling!!!)
 I was approached by a team member from K5 Learning to review their online site.  I was excited for the chance, as I was looking for a way to do some review for 4 of my home schooled students.  The site is not just for home schooled children, but for any parent or child who wants to open up to some excellent educational opportunities online, with this very supportive company. 

The site offers reading, math and spelling practice.  I must say that when I tested each of my children, prior to their starting with the program, I felt a little daunted.  My daughter in kindergarten seemed to need more help than I was supposed to be giving.  I am not sure if there was suppose to be audible sound help with the directions, or if there just was a glitch in the system.  I did offer her help in figuring out what needed to be done in each tested area in reading. My daughter turned 6 in early April and was reading at about first grade level in my estimation.  My other 3 students, grade 5 and two 6th graders, managed on their own quite well  in the testing area.

The test results came the next day and we were able to jump into 6 fun-filled weeks of hassle-free extra school! (I didn't tell my kids that it was still 'school,' as they thought it was merely fun!)  The work was challenging enough to hold their interest, but not so difficult that they were discouraged in any of the areas they happily dove into.

 I was encouraged and really was impressed by how the program was set up and how it educated them without their even being aware that learning was going on.  Learning areas included; arithmetic, reading, phonics, spelling, geometry, vocabulary, sight words, math facts, comprehension, money/time and fractions.

Now let me say that my kids don't do a lot of computer stuff before 7th grade.  So this was exciting for them to be able to have a program at their level to be able to attach themselves to.  One that was specific to their level (as I did share their test results with them) and fun enough that it was never a battle for their daily time on the site.

Now this program is intended for grades kindergarten up to the ending of grade 5.  However, my thought was review is always good, and upon testing I learned that my 5th and sixth grader needed some attention in math and in reading comprehension.  (both tested lower than the grade just finished.)  

I contacted the company several times with questions on placement level (for my kindergartner- who they said was at second grade level in all areas).  They were quick to respond and offer me help.  

Now as their Mama and teacher, I was aware of some of their weak areas already.  We had set to a plan of more summer reading and continuing in last years math for extra help in the summer months.  This program was perfect for the first part of our expedition in learning. it touched on many things we had covered, but some that were brand spanking new to them that their DVD math program had not yet begun to teach.  When new concepts came, they pressed in and 'got it.' 


My kids thoroughly enjoyed their daily time in the program.  Each segment gets rewarded with some fun games in between lessons.  They never had to be prodded to sit and do any of the sections of  K5 Learning.  They quickly learned that the game area was just within reach if they continued to the end of each learning segment. They looked forward to it and spent many hours over our 6 week trial 'having at it.'

The weeks went by quickly, as time always seems to do and we were sad to see our trial come to an end.  I must say that while each child had their turn and happily memorized their individual username and password, the other 3 would often gather around silently watching what the program would offer them that time.  It really was like when you turn on a light in the dark and all the moths and such come to the area to see what all the excitement is about. Hee-hee.  

The program has you set up the child with a username and password, which they use to enter into the site.  Also you set up a parents access area, so you can check on progress and see both the strengths and weaknesses of the program.  It is done very clearly and easy for any parent to be able to access their students work.  You can try a trial too!

I will happily link you to the site and let you read the specifics yourself- K5 Learning.  I did not receive any payment for the review, other than a 6 week free trial subscription and an agreement to post an honest review.  I have been offered a $25 referral program reward, if anyone signs up through this post and lists me as their reason for wanting to try the program!

My review is honest and I hope it may help you in finding a great educational opportunity!
Have a great  learning filled summer friends!

I'll leave you with these heartfelt words from my 6 year old daughter, when asked what she thought of K5 Learning,
 "Oh, I loved it Mama!" 
 "Getting the frogs into the spaceship was so fun!" 
"Thanks for letting me do it Mama!"

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