Feb 4, 2015

Self Image


As a woman I have fought a battle with self-image.  
Many times it seemed as if I was losing in the battle and doing major injury to my soul in the process. I don't think it is uncommon for American women to find a battle in this area of self-image.  Now that I am an older woman, I am seeing a much different me in the reflection of the glass. 

Today, a young BEAUTY-FILLED (BEAUTIFUL!) mom sent me a text.  She has had her own battle. A battle that left deep scars in her story, but one that Jesus has brought her healing in.  We were discussing something in our small church group last night, just she and me off in a corner.  I was warning her about comparing ourselves with other women.  I told her just the day before that I had to push myself away from a situation, I could feel it stirring up the 'devil of comparison.'  It wasn't good for me, so I unplugged from it. I was being plunged into the depths of self-image.  The Spirit within me warned me that I was moving into an area of danger.

My young friend said this to me in her text:

"Hi Kimmie.  I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful. 
 I meant to tell you that yesterday when we were discussing ....  Love you."

To which I responded.

"Ahhh thanks.  Love you too!"

As I thought more about self-image my battle and her personal battle,
 I felt the Holy Spirit  lead me to share:

"My self-image is changing.  Instead of seeing me and all my imperfections, I am beginning to see His transformation of me 'into His image.'  It doesn't happen from the outside,
 so the mirror doesn't always capture it (or contain it!) ...
but it IS SHINING from the inside out.
Instead of self-image my heart says, "Show me Jesus in me!!!"

Her sweet response:

"Amen!! That is awesome. 
 That is my heart's and eye's desire for sure!!"

Oh Lord, change our hearts and eyes to see us as You do. 
 Let the world look at us and see You too!


Anonymous said...

I long for a sweet friend like that up here....,!

Tammy said...

You are so right, Kimmie. The world shouts a whole different message when it comes to women and beauty. Yet, we are already beautiful in the eyes of the God who created us and as He continues to transform us in the inside to become more like Him, we become even more beautiful. It's a journey, isn't it, and I'm so glad you are walking alongside someone who can be blessed by your own experience and beauty!

Tammy ~@~

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