May 22, 2015

Three of my Loves

It is May and a level of Thanksgiving rises in my heart this time of the year, that is unparalleled to other non-holiday times of the year. 


 I wake every morning of May, thanking God for every little bit of this beautiful new spring day. 

Honestly, I don't know when my love for May rose up or for my love of lilacs.  I think my mum had her hand in the lilac love.

 I LOVE lilacs!

 As a child, we didn't have them growing in our large yard,
 but would go for drives in May and find abandoned old bushes.
We would pick armfuls to bring home and enjoy.
  My mum must have been on the lookout all year,
come lilac season we would take our adventuring hearts out of their 
cold-winter-New- England slumber
 and would head to her favorite 'lilac liberating' locations.
We would march through field turned forest to find the giant old bushes;
mama and her three littles (me being the oldest). 

Their heavenly smell would greet us as we stepped out into the crisp spring air.  We would park our Volkswagen bus by the forest edge and trek in to gather armfuls of fragrant lilac bunches.  My sweet mum was highly sensitive to the effects of poison ivy and many times would end up covered in it, but still each new May would bring our liberating of lilacs.  Fortunately my siblings and I could roll in poison ivy back then and see not a spot of it upon our wee little bodies.  Times sure do change!

So far I have shared my love of May, my love of lilacs and now I will share the last piece of today's three loves;

 my love for God. 

Here is a prayer I wrote down to my Father this morning in my journal.  He is who I speak to every morning, upon the slightest movement toward awakening.  God is the one who allows me to wake to another day, May or not.  He is the one who has wooed me to His heart and made a place for me in His family. He has given me a heart to love and to enjoy; 

 Oh, that I would live out of that love to bring Him joy!

Oh Lord, 


help me,


correct me, 


 teach me, 


show me, 


lead me, 




and use my life,


 that others may be drawn to You.


in Jesus' name I ask it.




Rob said...

I can remember my mum having a soft spot for lilac, infact she still does.

Lisa said...

For Catholics, May is the month of Mary, the best of mothers. And you have a heart like hers, I think. :)

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