May 12, 2015


Crazy for Lilacs!

I guess my kitty-boy Tobin loves lilacs as much as I do.
 Lucky for us, my children brought me a small bouquet to adorn the kitchen table.
  The fragrance is heavenly, guess Tobin can't get
 enough of their intoxicating smell either.

Lilacs, they are one of my favorite parts of May. 
 Oh, how I love thee May. 
 Let me count the ways!

And yes, the naughty kitty-boy is laying on the table.  Cats, kids, I find that they all have a mind of their own.  Normally I would scoot him down and remind him of his manners, but as I am smitten by lilacs; how could I possibly begrudge him this short lived indulgence?

Sweet Tobin is deep in lilac thought.  Me too. 
 Thinking how I can get a few more bouquets
 to fill the house with beautiful lilac fragrance!

Enjoy your May day!


Lisa said...

How cute! Our Dolly has allergies - she probably wouldn't do well near lilacs.

Karen said...

I love lilacs! Unfortunately, it seems as if everyone in my house is allergic to them...

Rhonda said...

Oh...they look heavenly and I know they smell that way. I have no lilacs here. I can't imagine why.

What very smart kitty with good taste.

Rob said...

Smart kitty 🐱

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