Oct 1, 2011

Feasting on His Goodness

131.  So thankful that I don't walk through life alone, but that God is always with me.

132.  Thankful for a daughter who sees opportunities to help me 
(like grading her younger siblings books that are piled waiting for me to correct them) 
and gets busy without being asked.  

*we are considering sending all of our children to Eyob at Emmanuel Children's Home in Waliso, Ethiopia to get taught such awesome servant's hearts.

133.  For peace filled sleep

134.  For my women's Bible study that started up (we are studying First and Second Samuel this year).

135.  That God helped me get through chapter one of 1 Samuel without crying. (As a barren women whose womb God did not open, as He did Hannah's, this is a hard chapter to study).

136.  For a sweet friend, Stacy, 
who emailed me to see how she could pray for me with my parenting trouble at hand.
(and also built me up in so many loving ways with her words.)

137.  For the Holy Spirit who counsels me. 

138.  For a Knight who bends his knee to tell me what
a wonderful mother,
follower of Christ, 
and friend I am...
even when the rest of the world seems to say the opposite to me with their words. 

139.   For a small silver charm that hangs on my neck that says,
" Jehovah Shalom the Lord our Peace." Judges 6:24
Which reminds me to pray for our daughter who is coming through adoption...
God has called her by name which is Shalom,
(it means wholeness, peace, completeness,
health,  safety soundness, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony,
absence of agitation or discord.)

In modern Hebrew Shelem means to pay for 
Shalum means fully paid.

Sounds like God has both my daughter and my family covered in this adoption!

140.  For afternoon trips to a place I have called My Serene Pleasure
which is where my 3 raccoons live now. 
Yesterday we took them food
and left them a bucket of brook caught crayfish for a little late night snack.  

*Oh how I love the woods and this spot on earth that I feel is my own peace of heaven here on earth.


Melody said...

You are AMAZING!!!!! I'm sooo inspired and encouraged every time I read your blog page! Praying you have a beautiful and blessed week.

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

Amen... :)

Adina said...

Shalom's a wonderful name to bless a child with!

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