Oct 16, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday


Want it?

Need it?

Just ask, my hands are folded and I am waiting to join hearts with you, in bringing your request before our loving heavenly Father.

Don't be shy, there is nothing that is too small to hand over to Him and NOTHING...no thing,
too big for Him to be able to help you with.

Let's believe Him and seek His face together!!


Anonymous said...

for peace and wisdom in mothering, and a quiet spirit when all I really want to do is yell...

We Are Family said...

For wisdom - Are we supposed to start fostering?

We are also in a new state/town. The transition has been difficult on so many levels.

Karen said...

Since it appears that my health issues/fatigue are stress related, I'd appreciate if you'd join me in praying for wisdom...about my priorities, our life, what needs to change for me to have rest & energy...

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